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“Do you wanna walk that path with me? Come hold my hand I’ll take you through it all. Close your eyes, I promise, you will be okay too.”

I started writing “Just some thoughts” when I had lost it all. The only thing that kept me alive was my ability to express my pain on paper. Somehow, I managed to keep going, with baby steps only. Slowly, I started to heal from my PTSD but it took a lot of time, patience and effort until I felt like life was bearable for me. After years of seeking therapy and all sorts of self-help, I started to fall in love with life and even myself. I finished the book when I felt like I somewhat had recovered from my traumas and even though healing is a job for a lifetime, I started to discover the light in me and in the world. I started writing when I was convinced the pain would never stop, I finished when the pain stopped indeed.

This book is about believing in hope and I want to show the world that they can heal, too.
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About Kathyinframe

Thank you for making it to my page.

Who am I and how many?
Hey, I am Kathy. I am 23 years old & currently trying to self publish my book "Just some thoughts". A book about vulnerabilty & healing. About trauma and purpose. About fear and hope. 

I want to create mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ positivy. I want to become a full time actress & author and help others not only finding hope within themselves but also the believe to follow their own dreams.

Why do you want my money?
Trying to survive as an artist can be very tough. You work so much and so hard and it just simply doesn’t pay your bills, or your food or your rent. You try and try, harder and harder, but somehow all you seem to get is rejection. Then one day you get this big job and you think that someone for the first time ever decided to actually pay you for the work you do, someone that actually values your art and doesn't tell you to get a “real job”. But the next day you are still young, desperate and broke.
I honestly need your help.

You will get:
Exclusive access to the raw poems & illustrations to my unpublished book.
If you would like me to create anything individually for you, just hit me up :)

Thank you for supporting me on this journey. 

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/kathyinframe
TIK TOK https://www.tiktok.com/@kathyinframe
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/Kathyinframe/
LINKED IN https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathy-peters
TWITTER https://twitter.com/kathyinframe
Buy me a coffee on https://ko-fi.com/kathyinframe

6 of 800 patrons
When I reach 800 Patrons, I'll be able to self publish my book.


I finished writing my book and I am ready to publish it.
It took me more than three years to finnish this collection of poems that will take you through my mental health journey. I started writing at the lowest point in my life when I didn't want to live anymore, I finished when I started to fall in love with life and found hope within me. I want people that are at their lowest right now to read this book to feel hopeful too.

Unfortunately, it seems like I can't find a publisher and need to finance publishing myself. I'll need to pay for layout, proofreading, marketing & other fees. With your help I might be able to get my book published.

If you will help me finish this piece of art, you will help me achieve one of my biggest dreams.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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