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Thank you for making it to my page.

First of all.. Dude who are you?
Hey you I am Kathy Peters I am a 21 years old model, actress, dancer and writer.
However, I am also a human being diagnosed with depression, Borderline personality disorder and insomnia.

My life motto:
“I am trying to follow my dream to become a successful full time actress and writer even thought it means giving up my home country and all my friends and family within. I was and I am willing to sacrifice anything for my passions even if that means that I have to struggle a lot and sometimes even cannot afford money for food.“
I create photography, videography, dancing videos, poetry and heaps of other artsy things. I have 5 years of modelling, 4 years of dancing and 3 years of modeling experience. I have been modeling and acting in Germany, Spain, Bail and New Zealand.
The fact that you are here shows me that you care about my creations and how I might be able to develop them in the future.
I currently live in New Zealand in my little camper van and I am trying to develop more into freelance work especially freelance writing and modelling, without entirely running out of money.

What is all this?
Well I started this Patreon page to get the chance to get a direct feedback from like minded people as well as their support. With a lot of variety and diversity I will try to make art that creates mental health awareness and shows people that we can indeed only heal the world if we make ourselves entirely vulnerable.
Why do you want my money?
Trying to survive as an artist can be very tough. You work so much and so hard and it just simply doesn’t pay your bills, or your food or your rent. You try and try, harder and harder, but somehow all you seem to get is rejection. Then one day you get this big job and you think now that someone for the first time ever decided to actually pay you for the work you do, now that someone actually values your art and doesn't tell you to get a “real job” things will get better and easier. And the next day you are still young, desperate and broke.

Your support helps me to not only get a little bit more financial security and less worries but also to spent and invest more time into creating more art. It will help me to create short films and finally publish my book.Your support me so much to fulfill what I consider as the purpose of my life.

You will get:
Access to exclusive art such as poems from my unpublished book, illustrations, blogs, photography and videography.
If you would like me to create anything individually for you, I will do it.
I highly appreciate that you take the time to read everything closely. I release at least one post per week

Thank you for all your support already. Whatever you give I will make sure that you will receive even more.

You can find my on Fiverr, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Tik Tok under Kathyinframe and I recently created my own Website: www.kathyinframe.com ,where you can see most of my work I have created so far. I am trying to create mental health awareness with my art and I hope that one day I will be able to act in my own written movies like I did it in the short film "Voices".
$4.50 of $800 per creation
I need professional filmmaking gear to create more photos and start filming my own short films. Unfortunately, I do not have a proper laptop I can work on which slows down my creating process massively as I cannot edit videos and photos by myself and I need to buy my own camera and microphone.

If you guys support me you give me the opportunity to create more meaningful art to spread a positive meaning around the globe.

Lots of love Kathy
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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