Katie is creating Webcomics and Art

$1 /mo
For $1 you get my eternal gratitude and the knowledge that you're helping me to create more comics and art!

$3 /mo
For $3 a month, you'll be able to access the Patreon-only blog, where I'll post extra art, comic roughs, ramblings, and other fun stuff.


$5 /mo
For $5 a month you'll gain access to the blog as well! Don't feel bad if you want to pledge at $3 instead!


$10 /mo
Those who pledge $10 will also get access to the blog, and I will try my hardest to come up with something special for you when I can!

$15 /mo
$15 a month gets you all the neat stuff listed already, plus a PDF of Camp Weedonwantcha Volume 1, which includes 176 pages of comics, concept art, and even two comic storylines that never...

$25 /mo
Exciting! At this level, I'll mail you a 4"x4" hand drawn, inked, and marker colored drawing, centered around a new theme every month!
(US only)