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About Katie Kuffel

Who Am I?
Hello! My name is Katie Kuffel, and I’m a Seattle-based musician! I marry genres like folk, blues, soul, to explore subjects like community, feminism, and my personal experiences as an advocate against sexism and violence. I blend my point of view with a contemporary sound to support my turbulent lyrics style. My goal is to make my living solely through my own creations, and put some good into my community.

Why Do I Create?
But why do I write music? Why to I draw, why do I paint? Why do I create at all? I believe we need to share art and our stories to fully relate to other human beings. With that connection, we can grow communities focused on healing our collective hurts with compassion and understanding. I create to offer the start of a conversation. I create to connect with someone who is going through hard times. I create to heal myself, and hopefully bring comfort to others. I create to defy the idea that we are desensitized to injustice and suffering, and to find strength in staying soft, kind, and empathetic.

Why Patreon?
The sad truth is that releasing an album and touring doesn’t pay a musician’s bills anymore. We’re sorely undervalued by streaming sites, and people no longer buy physical CDs, which used to be a huge point of revenue for musicians. Because of this, I wanted to find a solution that can include my fans, and make them members of a community that can support the art they enjoy, and allow me the freedom to create more music for them. I want to reach out directly, without having to go through third-party streaming sites, to give them more content, with more regularity.

Basically I want to be able to treat music as my full time job. I put hours and hours of time into each song, recording, and show you all see, and having enough financial stability to no longer worry about side-hustles and part time jobs would bring some normalcy to my life and my schedule while letting me fulfill my dream. To become a person who is fully supported by their art.

Patreon gives me a direct line to the people who have supported me throughout my artistic career. With their help, I’ll be able to give them more art, more music, AND they’ll give me some much needed financial stability to experiment in-between shows, and new albums.

Why You Should Become a Patron
If you want to find a more effective way to support my music and art, please consider becoming a patron. This support gets you first and sometimes exclusive access to new content, new music, new songs, and personalized tokens of my appreciation sent directly to you. You’ll have more say in where I play, and insight into my process that can’t be found anywhere else. With your support, I’ll be able to make more of what you enjoy!
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With this amount of money per month, I'll be able to live. To pay my rent, pay my bills, afford travel for more shows, and have the freedom of time to make more music with more frequency! This is the amount that would make music my full time job. I'd stop having to have side-hustles, I'd stop having to stress about income, and money, and expenses. I'd be able to live my life. 

I'll also be able to afford to fix broken equipment, and cover costs for a new tour!
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