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About Katie Metcalfe

Photo by Daria Endresen


Hello and welcome, however you may have found your way here. Now, before I write anything else, I want to thank you for setting aside some of your time - it's the most precious thing we can give to another person - to get acquainted with my Patreon page.

Who I Am
My name is Katie Metcalfe and I’m a writer, mother, blogger, poet, publisher, and singer. Oh, and I tend to be a bit too wyrd for most people. Within my creative work, I specialise in nature and in eco-literature, Nordic and Arctic culture, folklore, the occult, and mental health.

Raised in North Yorkshire, in a tiny miners cottage under the swell of the North Yorkshire Moors, I grew up among library shelves, trees and heather. We didn't have much when I was growing up, but my siblings and I were never without love, books, and nature, which, in retrospect, was pretty much all we needed.

Photo By Kev Howard
All my life I've been a determined and stubborn little bugger, so whenever anyone has said to me 'you can't do that...' normally to the tune of 'because you're not good enough,' I've always replied 'just watch me.'

Against the odds, I had my first book published when I was in my teens, and went on to study creative writing at university. I graduated three years later with a First-Class Honours degree, and, in the same year, I had my first poetry collection published.

In the ten years since my graduation, I've published nine books, founded an illustrated literary magazine, performed my poetry across the world, released a spoken word album and seen my poetry, short stories and non-fiction published in dozens of anthologies, magazines and websites and painted on walls at art exhibitions.

I've also founded several popular blogs including Wyrd Words & Effigies and MostNorthern.

Most recently, I've launched a book publishing company called Slice Of The Moon Books. All of this has been achieved while living with bipolar, psychosis and a myriad of other mental health conditions.

I harvest my experiences with mental illness, and use them in my writing, with the intention to comfort, guide and encourage others, and help eliminate the stigma that exists around those with troubled minds.

For over a decade I've been writing about the subject of 'North,' and am dedicated to celebrating the northernmost places through my blogs, books, poetry, articles and a host of other creative pathways such as E-zines.

I'm also deeply passionate about doing my part to try and enhance public knowledge and awareness about the history, culture, peoples, animals, and landscapes of the Arctic, as well as the current climate crisis. In December 2017, I collaborated with prolific musician Meghan Wood to create Arctic Fever, a spoken word album centered around the thawing of the top of the world.

Projects In Progress

2019 has, to date, been one of the most challenging years of my life. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually...the first months wreaked me and I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to recover. But I'm still here. My creativity coaxed me back to try life. And now I'm flourishing with projects that I'm striving to bring to light. You can read what they are below:

My Heart Is A Forest

My Heart Is A Forest is a collection of poems that I've written between 2019 and 2019. I'm currently at the stage where I'm gathering all the poems together so I can shape them into a manuscript. This collection will be my biggest to date, and will, I believe, weigh in at over 300 pages. Included in the collection will be poems from One Of Many Knots, My Father The Wendigo and In The Hours Of Darkness, as well as new works I've written in recent months.

Lore Of The Dark North
Lore of the Dark North is a collaboration with the artist Alessia Brusco. (We worked on my book UTBURD together.) The book will be a collection of 12 essays and 12 poems celebrating dark folklore figures from Northern Europe. Included is the Barghest from the British Isles, Qualipulik from Greenland, and Nokk from Norway.

Song of the Wendigo
Song Of The Wendigo is a novella in verse that's been inspired by my poem My Father The Wendigo. The story tells the tale of a father who turns to cannibalism in the depth of winter, and in turn, is met with the fate of the Wendigo.


Wyrd Words & Effigies
Established in 2013 Wyrd Words & Effigies blog is one of the most popular things I've ever created, and I can't imagine an existence without it. I've let it go several times in place for other projects, with the belief that I needed to move on, but I've always ended up back there. This labour of love is home. It's where I get to share the strangest things about myself and the world with no fear of judgment. It's where I get to celebrate other peoples strangeness and the art that manifests from that. My goal with the blog is to nourish it on a daily basis with intriguing, enriching content, and watch it grow from strength to strength.

My blog MostNorthern has been on a hiatus for a while but is slowly waking up. My objective with the blog is to continue documenting and celebrating the north through honest, passionate, well-researched blog posts and interviews. I also have plans to launch MostNorthern Books, a sister to Slice Of The Moon Books, with a goal to exclusively publish work inspired by the north.

Cave Mouth
Cave Mouth is a musical project was born when I was in the deepest depth of a depression at the beginning of 2019. It started life as a single song and then bloomed into a band composed of myself and Meghan Wood of Crown Of Asteria. (We have worked together before on Arctic Fever.) We have, to date, released several singles and are currently working on our first full-length album. I have also already written the second album, Wōd (the Old English word for madness) which is inspired by my experiences with bi-polar. It's our intention to have both releases launched this year.

Why I'm Here

I came to Patreon when I realised that, if I wanted to have creative freedom to be able to work full-time as a writer, I would need support, and to get support, I would need to ask for it. I've never been very good at asking for help. I've always wanted to do everything by myself, prove that I can, prove that I'm worthy of living a creative life. But reading Amanda Palmer's book The Art Of Asking helped me alter my very damaging view and day by day, I'm trying to embrace asking for help.

“Asking for help with shame says:
You have the power over me.
Asking with condescension says:
I have the power over you.
But asking for help with gratitude says:
We have the power to help each other.”
― Amanda Palmer

The concept of Patreon is a beautiful, magical, remarkable thing. To have an on-line family, made up of people who genuinely care about what you're creating and are willing to support your work, provides the fire the heart needs. I see my Patrons as an invaluable part of my future as creative.

Receiving monthly contributions from you will change everything. It will mean I can spend the time I've been gifted with doing what I was put here to do - write to inspire and make a difference.

In return for your pledge, you will get to know me on a deeper and more personal level, hear announcements before anyone else, receive everything I publish absolutely free and get an insight into my writing life that nobody else has.

If you have any questions, any at all, or if you would just like to say hello, please message me at [email protected]

And again, thank you. Even if you decide not to pledge, I'm immeasurably grateful for the time you have given me.
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This is my first major goal with Patreon, and if I reach it, I will make a 'day in the life' video just for you, so you're able to see, for real, how YOUR support has changed my life.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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