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Thank you for being here! If you're here, it's because you are a fabulous person who is on a mission to make the world a better place. But you're not just any regular person who cares. You're a ninja stealth warrior sharpening your sword of social-change skills.

That's what we do here at How to Save the World:  we learn the specific techniques it takes to really make a measurable impact on environmental and social causes. Saving the world is a learnable skill, but we need to put these techniques together in a way that is, well, learnable.

If you want to plant 10,000 trees, what does it really take to make that happen? Or get rid of plastic? Or drastically reduce your city's fossil-fuel use? We all know what we want to change in the world, but how do make it come true? In only eight episodes, we've already explored these fascinating insights: 

  • Xiaojing Xu told us, contrary to popular belief how using a message about carbon dioxide emissions gets better results than showing people how much money they save.
  • Gregg Sparkman told us that if people waiting to order lunch receive a message about how more people were cutting back their meat intake, this caused orders of vegetarian meals to double.
  • Emily Kleeman told us that showing resident's water use compared to their neighbors caused a reduction in water use of 5 percent. 

The podcast helps people who are trying to change the world draw from these insights and put them into practice. You can listen here and read all the interview transcripts on the Medium page.

I started this podcast out of a love of connecting with people and delving into these topics. I believe that if I find these conversations so interesting, other people will find them interesting too! 

If you haven't already seen an episode, here is one of my favorites about how new satellite technology is becoming easily accessible and helping conservation groups save forests in just-about realtime:

Making a podcast is quite an involved processAs much as I LOVE to make the podcasts, the real cost for me to do one episode per month is about $937, so I'm reaching out to my community of world-changers to help me continue to crack the code of social change and share it with the world. 

What does it take to get there?
468 people putting in $2 each
188 people putting in $5 each
94 people putting in $10 each
38 people putting in $25 each
10 people putting in $100 each

Sounds reasonable, right? You can be one of those people. Yes you! 

Here's another episode I really like about how people with a great capacity for systems thinking are also more environmentally conscientious, and how we might teach systems-thinking skills to the next generation:

What about the perks? Here are some fabulous things I can give you to thank you for your generous pledge:

Live video tutorials: $2 / episode:
I've been giving occasional live tutorials about behavioral techniques in the Facebook group, and I will be doing more of them just for the Patreon community. All Patreons at every pledge level will receive live tutorials from me about once a month. 

Here's a live tutorial that the group enjoyed:

Personalized inspirational instagram poems: $5 / episode: 
Just give me an excuse to write you a short poem or one of my favorite inspirational phrases and post it on Instagram. I will write you something special and tag you.

"Detrash Your Life in 90 Days" e-book: $10 / episode: You'll receive a free copy of my much-loved zero-waste manual. It gets rave reviews and will change you life, I promise. See the reviews here on Amazon.

Access to my online training course: $25 / episode: 
"Save the World with Gamification": Sold on my site for $90, you'll get a free access code to my course on Udemy. It comes with nearly 2 hours of video tutorials with design techniques, case studies, and evidence about how you can design gamification and data visualization techniques into your social and environmental change project. Read more about the course here

Early electronic access to my upcoming book "How to Save the World:" $25 / episode:
 Be part of a special group of Patreons with whom I will be sharing sneak previews of my book in the making. You'll receive an early "Patreons only" digital copy of the book before anyone else when it is finished. I'll send you sample case studies and chapters as I complete them along the way. I've got a few already ready to send when you sign up.

Shout out on the show: $50 / episode: Want to get the message out for your business or cause to 3,000 + sustainability and technology influencers? I will help talk about your special interest on the show and on my social media. **Limited spots available and only for causes in line with the show's values.

Special creative mentoring relationship with me: $100 / episode: 
For my mega fans, I will be available to you to discuss your concepts, challenges, review your ideas, and give feedback. I'll answer your questions by email, Facebook Messenger, and we can Skype. Think of me as a friend you can lean on for advice and feedback when you need it. I love to help!

** Pledges are are billed PER EPISODE (not per month) but the current schedule is to release 1 per month, so you will be billed approximately once per month. If we miss an episode, you won't be billed for that month. 

Alrighty, well that's a wrap. Thanks for reading this and thank you for joining me on Patreon!

Did I mention that I think you are an awesome person?

Xx Katie
$125 of $128 per podcast interview
Cover all the basic monthly software costs to create the podcast: Adobe, Pippa, Dropbox, Mailchimp, & Calendly.
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