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Support the one-and-only podcast that unpacks the latest published research in environmental psychology and behavior. I will thank you by name on the next podcast episode, on the episode's Instagram post, and in each episode's show notes.
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New Eco City Artwork Every Month

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Each month, I'll create an ecotopia artwork reimagining an existing urban space into a biophilic wonderland. I run a group Zoom hangout every month and Discord group where I help mentor others to create these "before and after" environmental imagination images.
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Each month I host a Patreons-only workshop where I teach evidence-based environmental gamification and behavior design - and you can discuss your projects and ideas with me. You'll be invited to my private clients-only Discord group where you can message me for advice and feedback. You'll have to access all the workshop recordings that form a full masterclass course in action-orientated UI/UX design, environmental psychology, behavior change, and leadership.
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About Katie Patrick

Let's build a new kind of movement.

For too long, much of the Earth-saving profession has been doomish or dorky. 

We can do it better. I'm here to let you know that you really can change the world – and you can make it fun. 

I do game design, ecotopia imagination, and behavioral psychology for the planet - and I'll show you how it all fits together into a spectacular toolkit you can use to make changing the world the wonderful adventure it should be. 

It's evidence-based and it works.

I'm reaching out to my community to help me raise $2,500 per month to support me to continue to crack the code of social change and share it with you. 

Your contribution will support me to interview one researcher about their peer-reviewed research published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology every month. I read each paper in painstaking detail, conduct an in-depth interview, and edit it into an episode on the How to Save the World podcast. I write the interview up into a blog post and I design diagrams. I illustrate the main points into a slideshow on Instagram. Then I reach out to hundreds of senior professional sustainability folks at the major NGOs, consultancies, and government departments to invite them to learn the principles (which they usually disturbingly unaware of). I also frequently provide free or low-cost guest lectures to universities around the world.  It's turning into an indepth evidence-based masterclass in how to influence humans to save the planet - this knowledge is important - and it doesn't exist anywhere else.

If you love good quality, intellectually robust content that pushes the world forward, then directly supporting creators like me is the best way to make it happen.

In addition to making the How to Save the World podcast, I'm also creating:

The Imagine Project
We need to hatch open a movement that imagines the world we DO want (instead of freaking out about the one we don't)

One of the most powerful ways to influence people to engage in change is to give them a vision of a better future. Your donation will help me run The Imagine Project community where I host monthly a Zoom group to encourage people to reimagine their cities as environmentally sustainable places, to graphically design their vision, and progress at making their imaginings come true in the real world. I'll be creating one ecotopia artwork every month and giving early access, HD files, and credits to Patreon supporters.

Gamify the Planet Group Training
You'll learn the latest evidence-based science of gamification, behavior, and social influence and get advice and feedback from me when you need it on your projects
Each month, I host a group Zoom exclusively for my Patreons where I teach a workshop on evidence-based behavior and gamification design for environmental and social impact. When you join the Gamify the Planet tier, you'll also get access to my private Discord channel where you can message me for advice and post your work. See the next 24 months of sessions here. You'll get instant access to a free copy of my book How to Save the World ($25), the audiobook MP3 ($19.97) and my Udemy Course ($90).

Earth Imagination Day for Schools
The kids of today will be the ones who will build the ecotopia future - let's unlock the dream in them to build the new world

In October 2021, we hosted the first Earth Imagination Day at Lindfield Elementary School in Melbourne, Australia. The results were phenomenal. In 20 years of promoting sustainability, I have never seen anyone respond with the depth and creativity that I saw in this class of eight-year-olds. You can sponsor an Earth Imagination Day workshop where we will reach out to a school of your choice and work with the teachers to facilitate an Earth imagination session with the kids. Students will receive The Earth Imagination Toolkit I created and be asked to create a drawing, 3D structure, or digital incarnation of their vision of an ecologically harmonious future world. See what the kids made for the first Earth Imagination Day in Melbourne, Australia.

Private 90 Minute Idea Storm Calls with Katie
I have a gift synthesizing a lot of information about technology, design, social science, and sustainability which allows me to forge unique ideas and insights that can make your project soar (and avoid mistakes!)

People often ask me for advice – here's how to get it! After 20 years of working in sustainability, startups, and reading hundreds of academic papers on environmental behavior psychology, I can help. I offer 90-minute idea-storming calls where I give you with what you need: new ideas, UI/IX feedback, gamification design, story-telling, social media marketing, movement-building, and strategy on how to build a new project that is meant to have impact. 

Changing the world shouldn't be a fight or a sacrifice - it should be your greatest artform. Sign up to your favorite Patreon tier and let's make changing the world the greatest game we've ever played.

Katie Xx
$123.30 of $310 per podcast interview
Cover all the basic monthly software costs to create the podcast: Adobe, Ontraport, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Canva.
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