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  • Behind the scenes pics and vids.
  • Discounts to any live shows I can sneak you a discount for.
Thank you so much for supporting me on my creative journey! x

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  • Official band membership for my musical endeavours!!! Pretend you're a roadie, or a shakey egg player, or a bassoonist with this Patreon tier. I will be creating music left, right, and centre, and I want YOU to be a part of it!!! Want me to cover a particular song? Let me know! Want to suggest a topic for me to write a comedy song about? Let me know! Want me to pretend you tidied up the cables in my music video? Let me know! 
  • A thank you credit at the end of each video, with a special credit if you request or inspire a song for me to create




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About Katie Pritchard


Your new pal Pritchy here. Trying do the fun with some questionable art and silly songs for you to (*hopefully?) enjoy! Well, let's all just see what absolute codswallop I create I guess?

I work as a performer full time across the arts - comedy, music, theatre, radio, I'm also in a band, I won a few awards, I've done some cool shows, got some lush reviews, and I even did a TV thingy once (ooo la laaa).

Ok, so...Hello PATREON!! Being a freelance performer is tough at the best of times, but at the moment, us lot could do with a bit of extra looooveeee while we're not really allowed to do our jobs out loud, so I've come on here to keep being creative and to maybe find some people that enjoy my antics and wanna be Patreon Pals! Unlock exclusive art, music, and comedy content, as well as Patreon-only events and live streams, polls, t-shirts, THE LOT!!! 

If you fancy supporting me and my stupids, do come and join the mayhem! I promise it'll be something! 

Loads of love,

KP xxx
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Thank you so much for considering becoming a patron! I love creating comedy and music and art, and it is so lovely that you are thinking about supporting me on my creative adventures. 

£500 a month would mean that I could keep creating all of this silly content online, I could keep focusing on my Comedy and Music and Art careers instead of constantly having to worry about affording food and rent while gigs are few and far between, and, not to mention, it would make me feel like an absolute cherub!!!

I know money is tight for everyone right now, so I've done my best to offer tiers in a range of prices that all offer fun and exclusive treats for you. Come and join in the fun if you can, or maybe give me a little sharesies if it's too tricky to join me right now.


KP xxx
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