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Access to all Patreon Live Broadcasts.  Have a mental health question? Come hang out!

Thanks for supporting what I'm doing. You're personally helping me spread mental health information. 

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Print & frame your own Kinion certificate :) 

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You have access to the monthly poll that helps decide which videos I create. 

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EXTRA VIDEO - Your Question Answered!
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Your question answered in a video.  Each month I create exclusive patreon videos where I answer your questions.

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I will send you a handwritten thank you note & you'll have access to a second exclusive video – this means you get two extra videos per month! 

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Private Hangout with Myself & other Kinions!
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You will get exclusive access to our monthly 1 hour hangout with me and up to 8 other Patrons MAX! So bring your questions and support!

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Private Hangout with Just Me!
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You and I will be on a live hangout... Just us. so bring your questions! I can't wait to meet you & chat!    

Please note that this is in no way meant to substitute for individualized therapy provided in person by a professional. 

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Your Personalized Mental Health Video
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By selecting this tier, you can ask up to 4 mental health questions and I will answer them in a private video to you.  

This is a great way to dive deep into a topic that you think may be very specific to your needs.

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