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You are an NPC on our epic journey! You dole out quests and tell us where we can find needed items. 

You also get the following rewards: 

  • Access to my patron-exclusive writing.
  • Eyes on stories and poems before they're published elsewhere, as well as excerpts from my novels as I'm writing them.
  • Your name in published books (if you are a patron at time of publication).*
  • Your own role on my Discord server! 

*Your name will appear in a special section for thanking my patrons. This section will definitely be in ebooks & I will try to put it in every print book, but it is dependent on how long the list gets and how long the book is. Also, this does not apply to anything I publish under a pen name, as I want to keep Katje van Loon separate from those names. 

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You join the party for several adventures, leaving us at the end of your personal journey -- but never leaving our hearts. 

You get the following rewards:
  • Downloads of early drafts in PDF form. 
  • First view of maps I create for my worlds, plus access to Patron-exclusive maps!
  • Plus everything the $1 tier gets.

(Note: you are not required to actually be temporary.)
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You're a bard in our party! You bolster us with songs of enchantment and you get these rewards:
  • Extra tidbits on my characters, either in the form of backstories, short vignettes, or interviews. 
  • Plus everything the $1-3 tiers get.
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Dear Reader,

Thank you for being a fan. Thank you for reading my stories and my poems, and loving them, and deciding you wanted more. Thank you for coming here, to my Patreon, to discover how else you can support me. I can never thank you enough for all you've done for me, but I will try to show my gratitude in any way I can.

I want to invite you on a journey.

Every time I write a story or a poem, I take a journey into a land where magic still exists and love can save your life. I've made this journey alone for a long while now. I want company.

There is room in my wagons, and I want to offer that room to you. It's a long, tough journey, but it's full of wonder and excitement, and fulfilling in ways you can't even imagine.

Will you take the journey with me?

By pledging your support, you are not only securing your place in the wagon, but you're also helping fund the trip -- making sure we have enough to pay for a new wheel if we hit a dip in the road; supporting the shoeing fund for the horses or buying them oats or apples; getting new curtains for the wagon's windows; buying us all a round in a roadside tavern.

And on this trip, you'll see creatures only mentioned in myth, rub shoulders with powerful heroines, and stand up to the very gods themselves. You'll help save the world and your name will be sung in ballads for generations to come.

Will you pledge, and become a part of the magic?
$8 of $100 per month
When I hit this goal, I'll hold a Patrons-only AMA. Ask me any question and I'll answer!

Also, this amount per month will cover a good amount of the costs I have in order to keep my author life running. THANK YOU!
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