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also known as "katje's cake fund." (swamp demons need a lot of cake, yo.)

thank you so much for your faith in me. supporters of my cake fund get to see my patron-only feed, and their own title in my discord server.
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imps in the swamp demon legion get shoutouts in my work! any time i have a "Thanks to Patrons" section in a piece of work, your name will be there.

you also get everything the $1 tier gets: access to my patron-only feed and your own role in my discord server.
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familiars -- a favourite demon of witches the world over.

at this level you get everything the first 2 tiers get, and you also get some bonus content -- specifically in the form of character backstories, tidbits, etc.
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About Katje van Loon

are you tired of polished online lives, perfect houses, and an instagram feed that makes you feel bad about yourself?

i promise none of that here.

hi, i'm katje, and i'm a swamp demon. my life is a complete mess and so am i, and i finally decided to just roll with it and be proud. #SwampDemonPride

maybe you're a swamp demon too. maybe we're all just swamp demon in human suits, hoping the ~actual humans~ around us won't notice our swampiness.

i'm a mess. you're a mess. we're all messes. it's all good.

so join the swamp demon legion, and join me as i create miniature escapes from this hell-world we call reality.

what you won't find:

  • tips on how to be less swampy or less demony. i have no idea how and have given up trying to figure it out. 
  • literally anything perfect. everything here is raw and unpolisehd. like that typo there. i almost made myself fix it, but naw. fuck it. swamp demon pride.
  • capital letters. with the exception of sharing actual writing, when i'm just writing a post like this capitals get in the way of my expressing my feelings. so fuck 'em. 

what you will find:

  • draft zero writing. i mean stuff that has NOT been edited at all. 
  • early access to blog posts, poetry, and other things i send out into the wild. 
  • wild 3 am dark nights of the soul as i wonder if any of this shit is worth it. 
  • a comfortable swamp to take off your human suit and hang out with your fellow demons.

wanna get demony with me? don't worry, we won't tell the humans.

hope to see you in my swamp.

jezebel antichrist, swamp demon queen
3 of 6 patrons
i chose 6 because it's an auspicious number. apparently some dude created a WORLD in 6 days?

not sure i can top that. but if we reach this goal, i'll do SOMETHING! maybe a video? of my top 6...something? idk, hit me up with your ideas.
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