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About Katrah-Quey

Who are you?

I am known as Katrah-Quey. I listen to music. I make beats. I DJ (sometimes). I create content to help people lower their stress and anxiety levels by reminding them how beautiful and inspiring life can be.

Why should I donate/subscribe to you here on Patreon?

I would like to connect with you (the listener) on a more personal level. I consider you a friend & collaborator rather than just a fan. I want to share with you my process & give you special, early and exclusive access to my work and more. Pretty much like... if you were to visit my creative space, and I play and share with you things NO ONE else has seen or heard yet, or things I am only comfortable sharing with just you. It can even be just ideas that I may want your feedback on; I want you to be able to give your input on that and share ideas of your own.

Also, we will be helping each other grow to become our strongest and best versions of ourselves with constant inspiration and assisting each other in our development.

Okay...so if I subscribe to you, what EXACTLY would I be getting in return?

Besides early and exclusive access to my content, I will give you eternal gratitude by having you listed in my liner notes on music releases and video content. You will also have the ability to request or recommend content that you want to hear and/or be involved closely with the process.

If you are only interested in subscribing to me on a temporary basis, that's cool with me. You will still be thanked and listed in my gratitude notes (if you choose to be). 

How often will you be posting things here? What is the easiest way to get notified?

I do my best to post on Patreon a few times a week. The easiest way to get notifications is to make sure you get emails from Patreon in your inbox, or download the Patreon smartphone app. :)

What will you be doing with the funding you receive here?

Good question. I will re-invest the funds here back into my music. For advertising/promotion costs, subscriptions I have for certain services I use to grow my music, equipment, computer upgrades, physical merchandise costs (cds, vinyl, shirts, etc), smartphone apps that I use to create music and videos, and other things that will help me make music for you.

I would eventual LOVE to have a full-time income from making, and creating music & content. I do have some small goals I would like to achieve towards that. Your pledge will help me work toward creating content for you constantly, and living conditions comfortable for me to do that.

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?

Nope. You can pay in any currency and it will be automatically converted.

How long should I donate to you?

You can donate how long as you want. It can be one month, or 12 months. Which ever is comfortable for you and your pockets. You will be thanked for your support always.

I am out of questions right now. What do I do if I have more questions later?

If you have any questions concerning Patreon, you can talk to the support team here. After you become a Patreon, feel free to message me if you have any questions for me personally, I am always active to respond and I will be happy to hear from you. :)

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