Kaurwn Bliss is creating Queer Mental Health Services

Baby Queer

$1 /mo
Baby Queers stand out from the crowd. Access my patron-only blog, where you can read about the impact you're making possible, and connect with other patrons.

Comin' Up Gay

$5 /mo
You're a Gay movin' up in the world. You can use my birds to get dates.

Older, Wiser They

$10 /mo
You are an inspiration, a role-model to the Baby Queers in your life. You can blame me for making you late for work/class.


$20 /mo
Not a phase. I'll tell you how cute you look, any time you want.

Real Trans (TM)

$50 /mo
Wow! You are a Real Trans (TM), no doubt about it! I will call a transphobe names for you on Twitter.

Double Rainbow

$100 /mo
You're all the way across the sky, wow! So intense. You can tell potential suitors you were the best sex of my life.