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Hi, it's Kawaiikochans!

Wait, do you know it? "Kawaiikochan!! Gaming No Korner", that is. It's the strongest, most kawaii videogame comic on the internet, and it's absolutely unstoppable. But what is it? Where does it come from?

The adventures of Masaka and Majide in the gaming kingdom are the work of one guy (myself, David Cabrera) and the ComiPo! 3D program. The comic is for free, and it is for everybody.

Since beginning Kawaiikochan!! with no intention of keeping it going for very long, the comic has grown beyond anything I ever expected. It's grown in ambition, in scope, in silliness. So much of this growth is thanks to fans and friends who've supported my work and motivated me into working harder on Kawaiikochan!!-- and spending more time on it-- than I ever imagined. I am incredibly grateful for all of you.

Today, I only want it to keep growing, wherever that may take the girls. Even though they've already been to space.

Therefore, I give you the Kawaiikochan Fan/Fun (or ファン, which can be read as either "Fan" or "Fun") Club. The support of our existing, faithful Fan/Funs keeps the comic going and literally buys me the time I need to create this comic. Your support means that I can spend more time on the comic, which makes everybody happy.

Hopefully this will create by proxy a better and more kawaii universe for everyone to live in. In the long run, think of your membership in the Fan/Fun Club as the first step towards the creation of the Kawaiikochan arcade/theme park/spaceport.

How does it work, nya?

On Patreon, you make a monthly pledge to sponsor the comic. Thanks, buddy! In return, you get exclusive content like:

-All members, no matter how small their donation, get free PDFS of both Kawaiikochan "THIS IS COOL" Gaming no Magazines! That's 64 pages of kawaii times that you've never seen and never will see on the Kawaiikochan Tumblr!

-A weekly newsletter where the joke is explained, commentary is made, and the subject of the comic is discussed!

-Majide Plus Trading Cards! This series of small one-panel gag comics is exclusive to Majide Plus-level patrons. It features trading card parodies, inspirational wisdom from Majide, and anything else that fits on a single panel! Your Kawaiikochan collection isn't complete without 'em!

-A monthly sponsor post on the Tumblr! Be recognized as a Grand Sponsor!! (Or don't, if you like; some folks do that.)

Furthermore, all of your pledges contribute towards the Kawaiikochans' actual canon power level.

But we're not done there, and don't let that stop you from supporting the kawaiis' march, ever onward. Become a Fan/Fun! Do it for you! Do it for the other Fan/Funs! Do it for the entire Kawaii Universe!!
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Tanoshii Level

"Tanoshii" means "fun." At this level you can get the feeling of fun.

Update 3/5/2015: As of today all Fan/Fun Club members get free PDFs of both Kawaiikochan magazines, including at this level! You get tanoshii! You get magazines! It's an unbeatable deal!

Newsletter Level
per month
In addition to tanoshii, at this level you get the monthly Author Newsletter, where I will be posting:

a) the comics at their full original resolution before Tumblr/Twitter resize them and
b) out-of-character notes about every comic I did that week.

I like to keep the comic itself firmly in character at all times, but I would also like to talk a little bit about the ideas and the making-of. I also admit that I often like to make the joke really obscure and difficult-- it's part of the fun-- and in the newsletter I will be sure to point out what every joke or reference is about.

This has become a place where I don't just explain the jokes, but explain the games and comment on the hobby to a degree as well. Readers seem to like this! If you want to know what's on my mind while I put these together, this is the place.
Majide Plus Level - Majide Trading Cards
per month
Shu-shu-pa!! In an old comic Majide tried to sell Masaka on a "Majide Plus" subscription, with exclusive, inspirational "Majide Meigen" (wise sayings) trading cards. It was absurd: who'd ever do that? So at this level, in addition to previous rewards, you will be subscribing to Majide Plus for real.

I post a Majide Trading Card exclusively to Patreon every month. They are one-panel gag comics, often samples of Majide wisdom, often parodies of existing trading cards. Sometimes they aren't about Majide! The important thing is that they are "cards", and that you need to have them all. In the spirit of trading cards, the first one is free.

The cards look like this:

For less than the cost of one large bubble tea per month, you can have access to something truly priceless: Majide's gaming wisdom.
$196 of $200 per month
All sponsors get free PDFs of Kawaiikochan!! No This is Cool Gaming No Magazine, the first and groundbreaking videogame magazine from the Kawaiikochans... AND they get free PDFs of KAWAIIKOCHAN!! no "This is COOL" Gaming No Magazine CODE -EX-, the second and quite frankly even more amazing videogame magazine from the Kawaiikochans.
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