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is creating costumes and entertainment.
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About Kawaii Ringo

Hello everyone!

I'm Ringo and I have been cosplaying for many years. I made my first costume around 2005 and have been hooked ever since! I make costumes from all genres, though I favor video game and anime costumes.

Patreon can help me pursue doing what I love. It helps me afford materials for costumes, photography equipment to share my work, and much more! 。^‿^。 

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Once you sign up for your desired tier, you will be charged up front. This is so I can post rewards without content theft. You will be charged the day you join and the first of the month each month. At this time, my sets don't carry over from previous months. You will only receive what you have signed up for at the time of pledging and every month after. All behind the scenes, work in progress, and other posts on Patreon will be viewable though.

Thank you for giving me the time and considering supporting me ♥

26% complete
This is a general goal that goes towards costumes, wigs, make up and contacts, photography equipment, editing software, and all other supplies that go into creating content for you all!
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