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Thank you so much for you support! 

1$ is 1$, and you can do many things with this but you decided to give it to me and I'm honored.

this tier includes:

  • Early access to my weekly doodle dumps.
  • Access to a fullworked artwork piece each month,
  • Free Wallpaper version of the artwork of the month,
  • Special discord role ★ 
  • My love.
    know that I wrote I tips but I should write I you instead!  
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Cookies for Blublu

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One of his main source of energy to keep on helping as much as he can! ★  

 this tier includes: 
  • Access to step by step posts, 
  • Access to process gifs posts,
  • Access to process videos,
  • All the previous rewards.
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Study with Newton (and Darwin!)

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They will give you the best environnement to study and grow. 📚✏️📈

 this tier includes: 

  • Access to tutoriel posts,
  • Access to personal / selfmade brushes,
  • Acces to my own studies,
  • All the previous rewards.
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About Kaweii

→ K4weii

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Streaming channel:
→ Picarto

On patreon I'm providing weekly updates and monthly rewards
for people that joins one of the tiers.

A doodle dump is shared publicly every week aswell!
I'm always trying to make the most possible of my content available to public...
But I also like spoiling people that allow me to live from my art with more exclusive content!

I understand that pledging in isn't possible for everyone,
but coming here and reading this is already very nice of you!
If anything, sharing my work around will always be helpful to me! 

Anyway, thanks for checking in!

important posts giving lots of information are tagged: #important
45% complete
My rent!
With that amount, my rent would be taken care of and that'd allow me to spent most of my time on drawing! ♥ 
What a dream!
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