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You are the backbone of the hard working 'free people' of the ATS society and for this you will get early access to the comic releases via pdf-download-link and my everlasting gratitude!
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You are a brave warrior of the red sands and truly deserve your early access with pdf-download-link plus Patreon-exclusive 'After the Shifting'- content like pin ups, making- of's, character development and such! My heart goes out to you!
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You really know what is important in a world so hostile and dry! Of course you get the early access with pdf-download-link plus Patreon-exclusive „After the Shifting“- content, like pin ups, making-of's, character development and such! But you also receive an annual ATS-christmas card every year (if address is known)! You really make my world!




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Hello everyone!
please, let me introduce myself: I am Kaydee, a comic book artist and illustrator from Midwest Germany, mother of a mighty labrador, chef of a delicious vegan dominated kitchen, frontwoman of  the band Banshees Labyrinth, fist fighting - kick throwing Muay Thai trainee, tattoo enthusiast, wife, friend, sister and daughter. 

This patreon page will be mostly about my upcoming comic-series 'After the Shifting' (ATS).
A sci-fi/end of world saga about brave women and men riding giant spiders, mutated humans who rate brains over life and a sun that has come too close to be a friend.
It is a world in which mankind is divided into two civilisations, one fighting the other over food, water or just out of plain fear. A world where spiders became gigantic and are used as mounts or eat those who are too bold. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they just chew off an arm or leg. A world where some people have to fight for their freedom and if they manage to escape, for acceptance. As they are not always welcomed by the free people. Be there, when everything starts to unfold, gets build before your very eyes and maybe it even leaves some parts for you to sculpt and form. I have made up 5 chapters so far, so there is huge story to be discovered. Be a witness to how a comic book comes together, for the goal is to have it printed once every single page is done. 

Others may be interested in how worlds are being build in general and how stories come to life. Maybe you want to be a part of a universe I create, so here is your chance. Whatever you may choose, be assured that you will be part of something unique and special. And who knows where the journey will take us? But I know there will be a lot of stops on the way to get in or out or to enjoy the fruits of our labor and take a moment of mutual wallowing in the world of 'After the Shifting'.

I am very excited to work on 'After the Shifting' and more so to share the process and everything concerning ATS with you! I will put out as much content, as I possibly can, but since I have to work on ATS in my free time, the releases may vary. Together we can totally accomplish a weekly release for you to enjoy. All of the comic pages will be available on my tapas page for free too, after they have been released on Patreon. Extra Content will be Patreon exclusive and part of the printed issue.

Planned is a weekly creation on friday which will contain 1-3 Comic Pages. Extra Creations will not be charged, but are only accessible for patreons pledging $2 or more.

$18 of $50 per creation
You help creating this comic with your dedication! Now I will be able to pay a professional letterer to pimp my pages top notch!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts

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