Wanderer is creating Coloring Book Pages, Acrylic/Watercolor paintings, Digital Art.


$1 /mo
Laaaa laaa laaaaa! There's more going on in my brain, I promise! Words alone just can't express it, so become a Daydreamer with me and see it for yourself <3

• Access to "art in Wanderer's da...



$3 /mo
Dreaming is so real because we live and breathe to experience them. To explore with me is to contribute to the journey with a sense of practicality in bringing dreams to life! Exploring rewards a v...


$5 /mo
A journey with others is special and our companionship reflects our unique support for one another. A new and unique "Wandering Card" will be designed and produced because of the support from my co...

Treasure Seekers

$10 /mo
Treasure Seekers love to share the beauty they discover, just as I do! I will mail a special print of a new artwork each month to the Treasure Seekers. Decorate with them to liven up your adventure...

Gel-y Buddy!

$20 /mo
To my Gel-y Buddies! I LOVE GEL ART! And I know you do too... it's soooo sparkly...! Every month I will send you an all original one-of-a-kind gel art piece I create. 

• Receive by mail a unique...