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About Ryuuki

 Welcome to my Patreon ✦

✦ About the artist:
I'm Ryuuki,A try-to-be friendly impy dragon, but sometimes rather social awkward. I'm a  digital, freelancer artist who currently mainly live off my commissions as well as Patreon support and ko-fi donations as main income.
I'm genderfluid, which means I don't get attached to one of the genders, and I prefer to go by He/Him or They/Them pronouns.

✦ What you'll find here:
By becoming my supporter you have early access to some of my drawings as well as WIPs, walkthroughs and comic sneak peek!
You'll also be supporting my webcomic and help me have enough supplies to keep it going!
Please note: My Patreon works primarily as a tip box, which means that all my drawings will be posted on my art galleries (such as deviantArt and Furaffinity) eventually, however at a lower resolution.

✦ Why would you pledge to my Patreon for:
Your support means a world for me! I aim to get better as an artist as well as grow indepentent of my family, this includes financially as well. Saying it I would like that you know that even the slightest donations is a huge help for me!

You have access to many other rewards, depending on your pledge, such as:
WIPs and Walkthroughs
Full resolution art
20% off any additional commissions
Get art every month!!

By becoming my supporter you'll also help me keep my webcomic, 7Deadly, going. It's a fantasy comic about the daily life of a group of demons that, as the name sugests, represents the 7Deadly Sins.
Currently I'm publishing one page per month, but I wish to increase the amount as you support me!

You can read it on:
Tumblr deviantArt Tapastic

Thank you so much for support me, be it as a Patreon supporter or not!

✦ Check my websites ✦
$56 of $250 per month
Big thank you to you all!
You aren't only supporting my art, but also helping me afford gender-neutral clothes and feel better about myself!
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