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  • Acrylic Art experimentation Workshops - 2 per month. This is where I experiment with new techniques and refine my skills on the Acrylic Pour genre
  • Interpretive Art Workshops - 1 per month. This is a new art form I am developing where I interact with a subject and paint what I interpret from their information and content. The result is a finished art work that is also powerful Clarity tool for the subject.
  • Bonus content - adhoc. This will be early release of ebooks on  the development of my Interpretive Art Workshops, additional live videos on particular preparation I am making and other video and commentary content that I will be excited to share with you.
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Intrigued about the prospect of becoming the subject of my next Interpretive Art Piece?

I interact with you live and help you explore your motivations, aspirations and passions, painting my interpretation of your story as we go.

This workshop results in a bespoke piece that is truly all about you.

The art piece will be available to you for purchase on a first right of refusal basis with the $100 Subject fee deducted from the price. 




I am developing Interpretive Art as a Live Clarity and Unity Workshop for Business, Individuals and small groups.
Join me as I explore how this potent tool can enhance and enrich purpose and passion.
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When I reach 100 Patrons I will be able to invest in a lighting rig to improve the quality of my videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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