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Thank you so much for your support! Here's what you get: 

  • Main Bonus Scene of the month in 1 of these 9 POVs in the Like Us series (Currently: Maximoff Hale, Farrow Keene, Jane Cobalt, Thatcher Moretti, Oscar Oliveira, Jack Highland, Banks Moretti, Akara Kitsuwon, and Sullivan Meadows) -- this scene could be about friendships or family, not just the romance
  • Fizz Hangout Weekly Discussions where you can ask us & your fellow patrons anything every Friday + chat about any new content & posts! 
  • Access to Fizzle Force Exclusive Posts. Like character interviews or fun posts, which will be re-posted here from our closed/private FB group. (This is a great perk for those who aren't on Facebook and don't have access to the interviews.) These occur from time-to-time and may not happen every month.
  • If we write more than one bonus scene during the month, all additional bonus scenes will only be available for the Superhero Badge tier. 

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Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! Here's what you get: 


  • Access to everything in the Magical Badge tier plus...
  • Extra Bonus Scenes that we write for the month. We usually write at least 1 extra bonus scene a month. 
  • Monthly Podcast where we discuss a topic of the patron's choosing. Yes, you get to suggest and vote on ANY topic for us to discuss. And if you know us, we're super chatty, so these will be in-depth discussions.
  • More Extras: any behind-the-scenes tidbits, first looks, and extra podcasts are a part of the Superhero Badge tier! 



About Krista & Becca Ritchie

Who are we? *taps mic* BIGGEST WELCOME!
We write heartfelt romance novels with lots of family and friendship bonds, including the Like Us series, Addicted series and Aerial Ethereal Universe. We're just two dorky twins who love to write and create stories. We need your help to keep our dream alive. Your pledges will help us continue to write full-time, which means we can write more content for you. Thank you for all your support!! Your love and interest in these characters mean the absolute world to us.

Why Patreon?
We're obsessed with all of the characters and worlds that we create. And this Patreon is a way for us to bring you more backstory and content without writing 700+ page novels (but we did that once, too!) -- and your support is a huge, magical reason why we can keep doing what we love. *squeezes in a hug* Here on Patreon, you'll have exclusive access to Like Us series bonus scenes, behind-the-scenes tidbits, first looks, podcasts on topics that you vote on, and more extras!

More details about Bonus Content:
Each bonus scene is as long as a chapter in a book, sometimes much longer. So far on our Patreon, you can find bonus content with these POVs from the Like Us series: Maximoff Hale, Farrow Keene, Jane Cobalt, Thatcher Moretti, Oscar Oliveira, Jack Highland, Banks Moretti, Akara Kitsuwon, Sullivan Meadows. Future bonus scenes will be written in the 9 characters' POVs listed above. Not all 9 will appear every month. It'll be a mixture between them. We will only be writing with POVs that have already been introduced in the Like Us novels. More characters will be added to the list when their POVs have been officially developed and/or published. 

Helpful guides to dive into all our Patreon has to offer!
The master lists are easy ways to view every new bonus scene, podcast, and extra all in one place! The narrative timeline graphic is a great guide to see where & when every bonus scene takes place within the Like Us series! All are updated with each new bonus, podcast, and extra.

All bonus scenes and extras Copyright © 2018-2021 by K.B. Ritchie 
1,317 of 1,500 patrons
If we reach 1,500 patrons, we'll write a specific bonus material that the patrons suggest and vote on -- can be in ANY POV from ANY of our books (but must be a POV we've already written in novel format) ♥
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