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About The Kimboburly Tales

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

After a small break I'm re-launching my Patreon. And guess what? It's even more fantastic than before! Huzzah!!!
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Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to learn about my goal. :)

One night, as I was getting my wee children to sleep, one kiddo said, "You are the best storyteller ever. You should combine that with your fiber art." And as if by magic, my new career started.

Since then I've worked with small groups, as well as with the local library system, teaching fiber art and storytelling. It has been tons of fun, but I'm ready to take it one step further by adapting my tech, upgrading my equipment, and taking this gig into bigger waters!!!

When I reach this goal, it will allow me to upgrade my technology. While everything seems to be working properly, at any moment the duct tape, paper clips, and aluminum foil will give way. Not being dramatic, but just telling y'all that it looks like McGyver helped me set up my studio. :)
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