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is creating companion app for Kingdom Death Monster tabletop game

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About KDM Story app

The app takes care of the story events, settlement phase, hunt phase, glossary and drawing/checking of disorders, fighting arts, secret fighting arts, weapon specialisations and settlement events.

Please watch short 3 min video to see what the app can do.

Website: https://kdm-story.site

KDM Story App is an open project which means it welcomes any contribution to make the app better, being it patreon support, code, design, ideas, testing. Even your kind words would help to retain motivation to move further)

To share impressions, discuss or get notified on updates - join telegram group KDM Story app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- I don't have explicit approval from Poots to release this. I've sent him the link and asked to discuss on what conditions he approves. He replied that he is too deep into wave 3 now and said that we discuss later. Lets hope he explicitlly approves it eventually.

- Its open-source project and donations are completely optional (they give no benefits, except helping development to move on) and are spent to support hosting, storage and if possible development costs (like software licenses and such). Otherwise in addition to my time and effort invested i would constantly be at a direct money loss every month.

- This application is not developed, maintained, authorized or in any other way supported by or affiliated with Kingdom Death or Adam Poots Games
68% complete
Cover my current monthly expenses on software.
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