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Hey, I'm Yuval Kedar. I am a maker and a creator; I like to take advantage of my free time by building tech projects. Generally, I build open source electronics projects and circuit boards. I started an Instagram channel to showcase and share my projects with others: explaining the build process and why I built it, providing resources such as design files, component lists, source codes, teaching and motivating future creators, and hopefully provide some entertainment. I have started a Patreon because I want to continue to create and develop my open source projects and make them available to everybody
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I'll purchse a 3D printer!
I have been putting off buying a 3D printer for some time now. I've used laser cutter, milling machine, and 3D printer for so many projects when I had access to one, and they are an amazing tool for the workshop. I would love to start creating open source projects that utilize 3D printings. Lets do it!
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