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About Keilidh

Hello, my name is Keilidh! I'm an animator who loves mythology, nature and animals.

I started out animating on YouTube in 2009 and have since returned to the animation community to participate in Multi-Animator-Projects. I graduated from DJCAD this year and soon I'll be studying at Gobelins in Paris

I spend a lot of time creating content for people's entertainment online, which I love to do but don't always have time to due to work. By supporting me, I'll be able to be a more active participant in the MAProject community and also spend more time developing my own stories! My first goal is to cover the cost of making my art and animations. 

You can see more of my work on InstagramtwitterYouTube and my website

Thank you so much for your time and attention!

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Thank you for supporting my work! Gain access to WIPs and early access to select content. 

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Your name will appear at the end of my MAP parts and animatics. You will also get access to:

-WIPs and early access to finished content. 

-Project files. 

-10% off my online store, when available. 

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You'll get access to the rewards in all the previous tiers! 

You can submit one piece of art or animation for crit/feedback per month! This is a combination of written feedback and drawovers, will occasionally be streamed. 

When I make tutorials, I'll ask people in this tier for suggestions on what they want to see! 

Plus 15% off my online store when available!

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This would cover the monthly costs of the software I use to produce my work! 
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