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If a comic is printed in a paper no one reads, is it still funny?

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Premier League!!
$2,750 per month
Upon reaching this goal, I will produce an episode of my imaginary web series Cartoonists on Corners Smoking Crack!!
Champion's League!!
$5,000 per month
Upon reaching this goal, I will produce a live-action version of my Creepiest Guy in the World cartoons with the guy who played "Spooge" from Breaking Bad!!
World Cup!!
$7,500 per month
Upon reaching this goal, I will move my family from Los Angeles and never return.  (This may not seem like much of a reward, but believe me, it's huge!) Plus I will post underwear pictures of myself.


The world's foremost Gentleman Cartoonist and Star Wars prequel denier!


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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HERE'S THE SITUATION: With the collapse of the print market and the great recession, I lost 75% of my clients.  Now I find myself drawing more than ever before, yet barely making a living..

I would rather create quality over quantity, and with your support, I  will!  Your patronage will help offset the costs of raising a family in this crazy, mixed-up world...And allow me some breathing room to concentrate on the work I'm best at:  Funny, thought-provoking cartoons!!



If you're not familiar with my stuff, here's what I do:

COMICS- In addition to my weekly comic strips, Patreon supporters will have access to rarely seen one-offs, comic strip interviews and reviews multi-page pieces, and sneak peeks at future projects. 

If particular goals are reached, I'll be able to resuscitate a few of my other artistic  endeavors:

MUSIC- Dozens of you know me as the better-half of the godfathers of Nerdcore: the Marginal Prophets.  We're not playing anymore, but there was plenty more music beyond the two albums we released.  Patreon supporters will have access to that music.  Via eMPee 3s and more.

VIDEO- I launched the first of a series of comedy videos last fall, and made the crucial mistake of paying everyone involved, quickly running out of cash.  Patreon supporters will help me produce more live-action versions of my comic strips.
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