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About Demian Yumei

I'm a dreamer, singer/songwriter and activist.
This is not a time for any of us to be silent.

A verse from the first song I wrote on my healing journey is at the beginning of the above short intro video. It's good example of who I am and what my vision, commitment and work is.


I don't know if you came from my Facebook Page: Conversations on the Healing Journey, or my personal blog,, or elsewhere, but I'm so happy you're here!

I'm turning this Patreon Page into a repository of all my work that's currently scattered across  various social networks, audio hosting sites, publishing sites, and my blog. As of November 2020, I'll be adding them here one by one and continue working on my series on covert abuse. I seems like forever, but I am making good progress!

Where There's Smoke Series on Covert Abuse

Book 1: Where There’s Smoke: Eyes Wide Open Navigating the Healing Journey:
A not-so-little manual of self-defense on your path of healing. Why? Because the healing journey should be about healing old wounds, no accruing new ones.

Book 2: Where There’s Smoke: The Healing Journey: A general introduction to covert abuse, its characteristics and impact, and healing from it. Also, a close up look at the role it played in my childhood, initiating, justifying and sustaining sexual abuse.

Book 3: Where There’s Smoke: The Fire: A study on the specific tactics of covert abuse, both passive, using concept and ideas to manipulate, and active forms of abuse, such as gaslighting, slandering and verbal assaults.

Book 4: Where There’s Smoke: Smoke Alarms: Deals with how to recognize the presence of covert abuse in our lives, especially as it's mode of operation is to be under the radar. the signs we look for is in the impact on ourselves. We just might not associate it with covert abuse.This book goes to self-awareness.

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This is important to remember, always. Not only here, but in every step you take toward your empowerment. Small steps count as much as large ones. Sometimes, they make the biggest difference.

With all my heart, thank you!

Demian Yumei,
 ~ Keeping the Dream
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"Just" a caterpillar, but the dreams of a butterfly.

When I reach $400, I will be able to purchase a set of ISBN numbers for the Where There's Smoke Series and invest in specific writing software that will help me to keep track of story arc, timelines character development and world building in my Miyasan's Daughter project.

No matter how big or how small, your contribution makes a difference! Thank you!
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