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About Keepin' It Kawaii

Hi Everyone!

If you are here, it probably means you are a part of my Secret Club (Keepin' It Kawaii E-mail Newsletter!)  So you know what's up, however just to be clear, here's what you'll get by supporting my Patreon!

Every New Set of Clip Art I release
25% Discount on my Website when it launches in January 2019!
Work in Progress Posts
Early Bird Discounts on any Kickstarter Launches! (I will be releasing super cute Enamel Pins on Kickstarter in 2019!)

As always you will get every new set I release in a given month, but there will be no guarantees of how many that will be. Some months there could just be one, some months 5. It just depends. However, I've decided to keep the backlog of sets available for everyone to download in the future from this point forward. So anything I upload starting today, no matter when you join you can go back and download it.

*Changes made on 11/24/2018

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