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I'm Davide De Rosa, or @keeshux on Twitter.

What have I done?


Most may have heard of me for a successful blog series on Bitcoin programming called Basic Blockchain Programming, dating back to mid 2015. I believe it was the first time the basics of Bitcoin transactions were made accessible under a clear, developer-oriented perspective. Having felt that need myself, I was glad to fill that spot. Shortly after the blog, I had also published the source code of the very first SPV library for iOS, BitcoinSPV.

This was part of a bigger plan: making Bitcoin clients a seamless experience for the average user.

I did all this when Bitcoin was a greenfield for pioneers, yet to some extent, I feel it still is as of 2018. Unfortunately, life and work took me far away from what I had once started with great enthusiasm.


All in all, what I gathered in 3 years working for the Private Internet Access VPN provider, is a certain expertise of VPN development for the Apple platforms. The awesome outcome has been the first open source OpenVPN client library entirely written in Swift/Obj-C.

I deemed it so interesting and useful, that I kept working on it despite not being part of PIA anymore. I thought I could even craft my own idea of a VPN app on top of the library.

So I created Passepartout, a clear-cut OpenVPN client for iOS and soon for macOS. Passepartout not only supports .ovpn configuration files, but also embeds presets for well-known VPN providers. Along with cool features like trusted networks and smart battery usage.

One day I'd like to make it flexible as to the VPN protocol used, e.g. by integrating WireGuard in the long run.

What do I need?

Open source has become heavy on my shoulders. I realized I could only make something real had I ever decided to fully dive into it.

Today, I mean to pick up where I left off and focus full-time on what I believe can make a difference for the community.

In order to do this, I need financial support to prefer open source over regular jobs, otherwise I'll end up postponing again. Consultancies on my software, in the hope you find it useful, are also a good incentive to keep my contributions alive.

What do I deliver?

Here is what patrons gain access to, depending on tier:

  • Early drafts or betas of my work, whatever the form: applications, libraries, articles.
  • Support for open source software they want to use for business.
  • Discuss what to work on next.
  • Credit on my website (optional).

Thanks for your support!
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