Keeva Harlock

is creating comix about life as a trans girl witch in the American South

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About Keeva Harlock

Hey gang! My name is Keeva. I'm a trans girl and I draw comix and pixel art.

My main project is Transmission:199X, a comic about my life growing up trans, goth, witchy, fat, and poor in the American South. My goal is to one day turn these strips into a long-form narrative graphic novel -- imagine something like the Fun Home of trans lady witches. 

I also do a lot of smaller strips about girl stuff, witchcraft, gender, politics, art, and more. Right now these include diary comix, GIRL ROOMS (a short series about how girl's rooms are a generative space for self-creation), GHOST ROOMS (a sequel about the rooms of my non-binary and agender friends), and Black Tape Sister (a short comic about frustrated queer desire and listening to The Smiths).

If you become a patron, you'll get access to my monthly zine in which I collect everything I've been working on that month. Usually this will include: 

  • Updates to Transmission:199X
  • Updates to the shorter ongoing projects like GIRL ROOMS
  • A collection of daily diary comix
  • Pixel art, usually of horrible occult monsters or the like
  • Sketches and drawings I thought were interesting
  • Writings about art (usually something about other comics, books I'm reading, TV shows, pop culture-y stuff) 
  • Writings about witchcraft and feminism
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy

You can check out some of my work at my website, Transmission:199X, or see some samples below:


Most updates of Transmission:199X are just weird stories based on things that happened to me, told from a queer perspective. Some are sad, some are funny, most are some combination of the two: 

You're a Star -- April 2019

Friends of the ABC -- April 2018

The idea behind Girl Rooms is to look at the rooms of my friends in a weird way, in the hopes that the different viewpoints will add to something like an image of who that friend is. I see the project as a whole being about the way these rooms work as spaces of creation: both in the sense of creative work and in the sense of creating one's self. 

Maggie - May 2019

These are examples of the kinds of things you might see from my sketchbook, as well as samples of my pixel art. Some of these are just stand-alone drawings; others might find their way into larger projects over time.

October Rust - October 2018 (a seed for Black Tape Sister)

Outside King's - Fall 2018

Hermetic Guardian - Summer 2017

Glorb - Summer 2017

Archangel - Summer 2017

Abraxas - Fall 2017

Caim the President - Summer 2017

Equipment Screen from RPG Project, "GALYA: Legend of Hell Castle"

A Forest - Fall 2017

Thanks so much for checking out my work. Anything that you contribute not only gets you the monthly zine, but also translates into more time in which I can spend producing my comix and other art -- art that I hope resonates with some other souls out there in the world. The opportunity to do this work and make those connections means the world to me. Thanks for your support!
$65.80 of $250 per month
Getting to this point will allow me to devote sufficient time to art that I'll be able to start serious work on the long-form graphic novel version of Transmission:199X. When that happens, patrons will receive a significant discount on the finished project.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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