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About Keikiiart

Hi! My name is Keikii! I'm currently living in Columbus, OH, where I moved to after graduating from The Modern | College of Design in 2017.

In pursuit of becoming a full time artist, I've found such a lovely home & family working at my local Starbucks. As such, I joined many community pages to talk with other baristas, and that's where this all started.

Late in 2018, after a miscommunicated promotion gone wrong, baristas everywhere have dubbed "Red Cup Day" as the day from Hell. Jokingly, some of my fellow baristas had posted about wanting enamel pins to wear to show that they had survived the mad rush from the day.

Well- I worked that day. I'm an artist. & I know how to make enamel pins.

So I made it.

And then I didn't stop making them.

At the launch of this patreon, I have 18 designs of pins under my belt, and I release a few more every month! I realized then that, as long as I'm coming out with new designs every month, and fellow baristas are buying these pins every month, why not streamline the whole process and merge it into a patreon account?

Pins will still be available thru my facebook account as well, but this is just a way to help everyone keep track without the need of invoices. :)

When you're a patreon, you will get to pick any of my pin designs that are already out as your monthly reward! However- if you don't want to become a patreon, or want more pins than you can get on here, I'll still be doing my monthly orders for all past pin designs in my facebook group!

Feel free to join my facebook group if you aren't already in it!
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Once I hit $600 , I will be able to have pin designs available REGARDLESS of wether or not the 50 minimum pieces threshold has been met! This means more pride flags will become an option, among other designs as well! 
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