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Hello this is Keinart Lobre, a Visual Novel Developer from Spain currently working on Lotus Reverie, but also known from my previous free visual novel One Thousand Lies.

My aim is to bring engaging stories with strong messages while always keeping in mind fun and entertainment, and I want you to be part of all this passionate dream.

For my games I take care of writing, directing, game design and programming; but real life work and costs make the developer life extremely hard. To be able to get more assets and polish the game I need your support.

Apart from the tier rewards, I would like to offer my Patreons special early bird rewards independently of how much they pledge every month, and base it on how much you pledge overall before the game release here on Patreon or by any other ways (like Paypal). Meaning that you won't lose these rewards even if you stop pledging. You will find a list of all the possible basic rewards within the different tiers. The biggest reward will allow you or your original character to Appear in the Game!

Here's a list of different advanced rewards. We well be able to unlock these if we reach advanced goals or manage keep up with low goals for a long time:

  • Stickers for your favorite phone app: Telegram, LINE, etc.
  • Physical special edition of the game.
  • Physical goodies: posters, key chains, shirts, prints, art book, acrylic stands. The more we get, the more would get unlocked.

If we reach different milestones I will be able to give the basic rewards even cheaper and unlock the advanced rewards for everyone who has already pledged. Meaning that the more people we get to help out, the more rewards you will get for less. However, if we do not reach the goals the rewards will become more expensive with time, so only those who came early will be able to get everything cheaper.

I'm not simply asking for your help, I want to make sure you gain something out of this, and if you like my work you can pre-purchase my games and get all the other rewards before anyone else and for cheaper than on release.

How will this money used? One of my main ideas is to keep transparency and let you always know what will your help contribute to the game. You are a producer, and I'll make sure you feel that way. 

I currently have three different jobs and every cent I save goes to the game development. Patreon would help me out to reduce life costs and then be able to use that money into the game instead. I won't change the story or try to make something bigger I can chew. The very first mistake most developers do is trying to go for something bigger than themselves. However, I will be able to create assets and polish the game to get it as close as possible to my ideal game.

Among the goals we have add fanservice, unlock advanced rewards, and even possibly include voice acting!

My current project is
Lotus Reverie (click on it to learn more!). This is an ambitious project full of high quality art, music, and other assets that makes it expensive and risky to develop. However this is first a foremost a project of passion where quality comes first, and with that philosophy I've been carefully working on this project since I finished One Thousand Lies in 2016.

Before getting assets  I made sure the entire story was finished, and until now I've been fully funding this game with my own money that I've saved for years. The text script is finished with over 180k words written and all that's left is programming and assets. Because of this and the fact this is my second project I can guarantee a quick development, updates and release date. I am already shouldering all of the development costs, but with your help I'll be able to add the final touches, more assets, a more polished end product, as well as be able to dedicate more time to its development.

The Team



There's still a lot of work to be done, and all the risks involved in such a project is always daring. Your support would help me greatly in this adventure. Thank you!

Can't really use Patreon? You can also support using paypal directly. You will still receive the rewards!
Can't use any of that? I do also accept Bitcoin and Ether.

Bitcoin: 15uxbyErKWzutNb7bDuVYzGXLhr6wAD2gw
Ether: 0x52ad689cA42494aDc5C6CD9A03a2a25DFb8d52A6

$123 of $500 per month

Improve the Waiting Room
We are looking into adding extra art to the Waiting Room. If we reach this amount we should probably be able to add all the basics at least!

The longer the time we manage to keep this goal, the more assets I will also be able to add: new music, more CGs, more characters sprites, etc.
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