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I would like to thank each and every one of my Patrons, because your support is now starting to make it possible for me to make a lot more of my model steam and model engineering videos. Some individual videos and Video series as well as FREE Downloads and special "Painting:" videos will be only available on here just for my Patrons as a "Thank You" for your support. Some will go public after a while and others will be publicly viewable from the outset, but I still need your support so that I can continue with this quality and output. From September 2017 every Patron will only charged a "one off" monthly Pledge fee instead of the "Per Creation" fee structure. What this means is that only the amount you pledge will be collected - not every time I upload a video link. So if your Pledge is $1.00 - that's all that it will now cost you per month. Once again, I sincerely thank each & every one of my Patrons for your help. THANK YOU.

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