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Yes, these are all going to be bird-related. Why? Because birds are awesome. Have you ever seen a Bittern? They're extremely shy birds that live in marshes. Finding one is a major accomplishment for any birder, just like having friends that support you in projects that you're working on.

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  • Backlogs of all livestreams simulcased to YouTube.
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  • I will be releasing at least one song per week on YouTube, with a goal of 3 original song releases per week. Bittern Tier members will have access to one download per week in addition to the other perks. 
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Osprey are semi-colonial birds of prey (which is weird) that mostly eat fish. They were nearly wiped out by DDT but have begun to make a fantastic comeback.


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  • Since writing songs, recording demos, and making videos all take time, Songs will not be publicly released until the videos are finished, which may be a week or two after they've been recorded. You'll have access to the videos before they're released - basically on the day that they're scheduled.
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  • I will be releasing at least one song per week on YouTube, with a goal of 3 original song releases per week. Osprey Tier Patrons will receive downloads of all the songs that have been releases to YouTube that week. If for some reason fewer than three YouTube Releases will occur that week, Patrons will receive "In-Betweens" (See Egret Tier for more info on In-Betweens).  
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This Egret is actually a Reddish Egret, one of my favorites :)


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  • I write new songs almost every day. I also honestly can't make music videos of all of them every day and post them all. Some songs are also in my mind more of skill practice than they are actually creating something. I also don't really think I should be allowed to be the judge on what songs are "keepers" or not. I believe that sometimes people make something in 15 minutes that can become the soundtrack to someone else's life, or spend hours on something that nobody will care about. I'm giving this tier access to the songs that I write and record and would otherwise just discard as a creative exercise, like silly songs about adopting a cat or having a pet opossum that I pretend is my drinking buddy.  
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About Keith Paluso

Welcome to The Family!

I'm Keith. I'm a very normal dude that believes in the power of dreaming big. I've learned from my journey of going from a TN State Park Ranger to throwing myself into the unknown of playing music that I'm better if I focus on being the best version of myself. I do that by playing music that's honest, loving people, and being the best dad for my son, Kip, and the best husband to my wife, Bethany, as I can be (and by birdwatching a lot :)). 

I also believe that we are entering a new era in music. The way we do things now can be personal and real. I can sing straight to you. WE can tell a story together. As the world gets smaller, the less I believe in "fans" and the more I believe in community. So thanks for being here and being a part of mine, whether you decide to become a patron or not. 

What we're here for: 

Though this is a page that allows you to financially support my projects, that's absolutely not required. I want this to be an area for the family. If you can't afford or don't want to pay anything, that's absolutely fine. There will still be plenty of fun stuff here for all of us. 

How being a Patron works: 

If you do decide to become a Patron (first of all, thank you), you'll be helping me to branch out, to become better, and to release and market the music. 

The Tiers of Patronage here are set so that you'll be charged on the 1st and 15th of every month (For example, those in the "Bitterns" Tier will be charged $2 on the 1st and 2$ on the 15th, making $4 in total pledges per month). On the day the charges are made, I'll make a full report on all that we've accomplished since your last pledge.

The Projects may change over time and will include things like original/cover song releases, live show recordings, and live concert streams. 

Questions you may have: 

I'm I getting locked into anything? 
Absolutely not! You can cancel or change your patronage at any time. 

What kind of projects are you working on? 
Projects include: 
- a new song every day as the founder of my creative community - th WeCreateNow Project. 
- YouTube videos of original songs and cover songs. 
- Blog posts and journal entries

Have any other questions about becoming a patron? Email me at [email protected] 
13% complete
When I reach 100 patrons, I will release a full-length album through Grassbird Productions whose songs have been chosen by the Grassbird Production Community on Patreon. 
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