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is creating a world beyond our current fetish for the Apocalypse ...
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About Keith Prossick

Art is my vessel ... canvas, the sail.

Be Here Now ... 14 years oil painter, 24 years architecture This is a long story, but you pretty much can jump in anywhere ... Let's see, what's important?

In the moment, I am in love with my city and have my practice based in South Downtown Atlanta. 12 years painting in this city, I am here ... a C4 Artist.

I have a fetish for creation stories. Not just my own, but ALL of them. It is here I find the roots of common language that drive the evolution of culture forward. Here, I seek the things that tie us together and decipher where it is pointing.

For years, I have focused on this subject from a scholarly and historical perspective. My practice is now shifting in a more experiential direction wanting to explore these stories in the cultures of their origin. To travel, expand, learn and see ... come home and use my canvases to process the moments. Repeat. I seek to experience the world, and my art is the vessel I travel in.

My inspiration is currently consumed by India, or more importantly to a moment in time there. Each morning, for thousands of years, the people of Varanasi have been drawn together by a simple thing, coming down to the river in ritual, greeting each other and the new day. This event has drawn them all together into a beautiful way of being that is both hard and raw but with an underlying sense of archaic beauty seeping through the layers of time, people and architecture. It is here I found myself watching the sunrise on the Ganges and the light hitting the people's faces saying, "Hello, morning. Thank You for coming, we'll take it from here" Sunrise on the Ganga is a series of pieces this experience is driving out of me. The flood of inspiration and sense of immediacy to capture it all before it fades away like a dream. It's my new drug ... I want more. From here, on the horizon of a dream, Florence/Venice and Cuba for 2017. I would like to experience the world before I die or we lose our collective minds.

On the canvas, over the next 6 months I embark on capturing the essence of this moment. The feel, the atmosphere the energetic buzz that resonated through everything and every one. My intentions are also to share the creation process. The memories of the experience and the trials and tribulations of bringing it all to life on the easel.

On April 1, 2017 ... I will be exhibiting the pieces from the Sunrise on the Ganga collection at the Phoenix and the Dragon here in Atlanta. 

I am calling out for anyone that would love to support this project and as a patron you will gain behind the scenes access to all the progress photos, stories and images from the trip and a deep look into my artistic practice. Also, ALL patrons will have first right of refusal for all sketches and studies that will be available for purchase along the way.

Most of my posts are available to everyone, however to access the Sunrise on the Ganga posts just sign up as a patron. Patrons also get a discount in the website store.

Thank you so much for your support ... this is the beginning of a new direction and one of the largest artistic undertakings I have started to date.

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These are the Basics. First goal is to be able to cover my materials and tools. I tend to go through oil, paint and brushes rather quickly and having a good supply is integral to keeping the creativity flowing.

You support goes directly to sustaining the foundation of my practice.

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