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You have my eternal gratitude for helping me to keep the demons from consuming my soul for one more day. Or at least, my gratitude until the day that they devour me.


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You are a legend now. And legends belong in our history.

I will write one short story for you based on your writing prompt/ideas. 


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You have now reached the level of myth. You will receive the previous reward, plus your story will just be inherently cooler*

I'm still hammering out my thoughts on rewards, but if I manage to finish a book, you will receive an electonic copy free. 

*(this is possibly not true)



About Keith Sanvidge

Welcome to my patreon. If you are reading this, I apologize profusely for the hell that has befallen you. But do not fret, this dark day will soon be over.

If you don't know me already, I write things on and also sometimes on Medium

I'm working on a novel (currently about halfway through the first draft). Imagine Harry Potter meets the Last Starfighter with a dash of social commentary if it were written by someone who has lost his mind.

I also like to design games. I've designed multiple card and/or board games over the years, but never thought to put them up for sale... but this is something I'm actively working towards now.

In order for me to continue to summon these dark works from the demon pit, I need your help. I love to do creative work, but in order to do it on a more regular basis - and free myself from the endless torture of a thousand devils - I need your support.

Your monthly donation would allow me to do a lot more of the above and other creative things. If you have read this far your soul is legally bound to me, but I would greatly appreciate any financial help you could offer.

Thank you for anything you are able to give if you should decide to. And thanks again for reading far enough to create a legally binding contract. 

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