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About Yopp!

Do you care deeply about fighting issues like racism and sexism but wish there was a simpler way to talk about all the ever-changing dos and don'ts of the social justice world? 

Do you want to help your loved ones understand these issues better but don't have the words to explain them? 

Do you want to be part of a project with like-minded people to enable clear, efficient, and validating education about the issues that matter most to you? 

Yopp's collection of resources exist to accomplish the following goals:

  • To provide an online school and an all-encompassing hub of resources that teaches the overarching principles of social justice.
  • To validate both the perspective of the oppressed and the person just learning about oppression for the first time.
  • To create connections between the different branches of activism
  • To maintain a platform for other marginalized writers

Because it is impossible for any single person to end oppression, my hope is that by creating these resources, I am effectively training hundreds or maybe even thousands of people how to be social activists themselves, thereby amplifying the power that I have as an individual.

If these articles have brought value to you, if they have helped you better understand yourself, people close to you, and the world around you, I hope you'll consider becoming a patron and supporting the continued existence and creation of these resources. 

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Explore Yopp's Content

All of Yopp's articles are written by multiply marginalized writers in order to maintain a wide range of perspectives on social justice and related topics. Here is just a small sample of the kind of article I publish:

You can read all of these articles and more on www.yoppvoice.com.


More About Why I Started Yopp

In the world of social justice, one of the first things you learn is how, through no fault of your own, there is a huge body of info that you never knew existed. In school, we’re taught so little continued oppression of marginalized groups or their history of social activism. As a result, we end up responsible for our own education and development.

During my own self-education, it bothered me that there wasn’t any singular place that I could go for quality, in-depth, informative articles about social justice. I learned bits and pieces everywhere but had to assemble them myself. And even though I saw other self-educators ask the same questions over and over, I struggled to find single articles that answered those questions. 

I also noticed that in existing social justice media, explanations about things like privilege or microaggressions were always specific to one group at a time, such as learning about just sexism or just racism. But because there are dozens of groups marginalized in varying ways, treating different forms of oppression as completely separate topics frequently backfired: people quickly felt overwhelmed and would throw their hands up after learning about more than two or three causes. Homophobia, classism, transphobia, fatphobia, Islamaphobia, ableism? That's too many things!

I also saw that this separation between branches of activism meant that the same activists who would fight hard against certain behaviors in their oppressors, would turn around and engage in the same behaviors against a different oppressed group that they weren’t a member of.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I have spent the last 10 years dedicating myself to learning everything I could from the sources that were available to me: Books by marginalized authors, research that has been translated and narrated into impactful articles available online, and most of all, from listening to the individual experiences of people that I’ve met. I did so out of a deep-seated sense of obligation to reduce harm whenever possible and my love for learning.

My personal experiences as a woman that has managed disability, chronic illness, poverty, and highly stigmatized forms of mental illness, gave me direct insight into many of the issues that I researched, but it also gave me compassion for the issues that didn’t affect me directly. As my knowledge grew, between my research, my compassion, and the skills I already possessed as a writer, I discovered people found clarity, understanding, and validation when I wrote about what I learned.

And because no matter how hard I research, I will always have biases and privileges that obscure my understanding of these issues. To compensate for this weakness, I hire other multiply marginalized writers to speak to the experiences that I am not personally knowledgeable in.

My years of research have taught me that among those of us who are dedicated to social justice, whether you’re a seasoned activist or someone who just wants to expand their awareness, there is one drive that connects us all together:

We are moved to create something better. Which is what I did.

More About What Your Money Accomplishes

It's important to me to keep these materials accessible to everyone and not hide them behind a paywall. But although guest writers are always compensated for their work, I create the majority of the resources completely unpaid.

By becoming a patron, you are acknowledging the value that these resources have brought to you, whether that is because of something they taught you or because linking or quoting an article enabled you to teach another person, thereby continuing this chain of spreading information. 

Yopp is also long-term project that is always in progress. I  have another 40+ educational articles planned that will build on one another to create a fully functional curriculum of sorts. (You can read the existing educational material here at Yopp Academy.) These articles are extraordinarily work-intensive to write and I am not always in good enough health to be working on them, so this educational foundation will likely take years to complete.

I don’t need a lump sum of money upfront, I need people who are passionate about my work and are in it for the long haul. I need investors that want to see me build Yopp up to its full potential, over a long period of time. I'm looking for supporters that recognize how much the work I've done already is worth. 

By investing in Yopp, you are supporting and enabling the education of future activists who can't pay for it elsewhere. You are helping keep this content free and accessible to everyone. You are enabling me to offer you the best version of my work that I have.

If you want to be involved in growing Yopp to it's fullest potential, I hope you'll join our community and become a patron!


Preview of $50 Reward Tier Hard Copy of this Poem: http://architravepress.com/poems/how-could-she-stay-by-kella-hanna-wayne/

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 73 exclusive posts

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