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About Kelly Brenner

I am Kelly Brenner, a naturalist in the Pacific Northwest working to spread knowledge and appreciation of the nature we live with. I am a professional writer with bylines in National Wildlife Magazine, Crosscut and ParentMap, among others. My book, Nature Obscura: A City’s Hidden Natural World is coming Spring 2020 from Mountaineers Books.

I also write about natural history, wildlife habitat design, books and more on my website, where I have posted for the last ten years. Regular features include 'Field Journal' entries, urban wildlife profiles, wildlife plant profiles, book reviews, poem of the week and more. There are also hundreds of resources I've compiled about designing wildlife habitat.

Also on my website is a photography gallery featuring some of my work. My photos often accompany my writing and I also share them on social media to tell stories of the nature of cities. On Twitter I host a weekly game every Friday called #StreetCreatures and I am a co-curator for #InvertEmpire, also on Twitter.

Your support will help fund my website, keep me outside taking photos and back future projects I have in mind.

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