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I'm gonna give you a big old virtual hug, every damn month!

You're literally helping me achieve my goals and I'm gonna make sure that everyone knows about it online....probably on Twitter lets face it. You'll also get access to some patron only content and updates.

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Been thinking about doing a blog recently and you guys are gonna get that first. I'm going choose a different topic to write about each month connected to filmmaking. Sometimes I might talk about film aesthetic, sometimes chat about what it's like being a filmmaker, or maybe an update on a film festival I've shown a film at. Every month will be different. Plus you'll get the shout out and patron only content.

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This tier allows you to get a digital download of at least 2 of the scripts I have written that has been made into a film. As well as a written statement about why I decided to write and make these films. These scripts will likely be the final shooting script.
AND you'll get all the above once those tiers are activated by patrons.




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About Kelly Holmes Film

As a little 5 year old girl I had a problem....I wanted to BE Indiana Jones....but I was a girl. And that pi**ed me off. 80s films were my best friend and as an only child, watching those coloured lights dance over the cathode ray tube, was where I felt truly a part of something bigger than me. Indiana, Marty McFly, Josh in Big....why were they all guys???

Well maybe I'll be the next GIRL Indiana Jones I thought as I started to grow up....and so I took drama class and started to tread the boards....only to find out I was a pretty crappy actress. And I hated being in front of the camera. But I started to learn that being back stage, being behind the camera, being able to tell stories, was the real joy....

So as I started to wonder if I could make movies and I began to realise again, where are all the girls??? The only woman director making movies like I wanted to make back in the late 90s (when I began to finally understand that this was interesting) was Kathryn Bigelow, and she was married to James Cameron, so what chance did I have....until eventually I just thought screw it. I'm making movies.

And that's what I do. I make movies. I'm a weird variation of Kathryn Bigelow meets Guillermo del Toro. I make movies that are dark and macabre, that make us question our existence. I'm a director AND a writer that loves to tell action and genre inspired stories with a real emotional connection. I'm interested in gender, and how that interacts with the Gothic and the Uncanny. I'll make you cry and simultaneously make up feel creeped out and uncomfortable.

By supporting me here you're helping a woman tell her stories. You're helping me fund time to write and create a space where I'll be able to make more movies and follow in the footsteps of my heroes. The plan is to move me towards creating my first feature film through writing and creating more short film content and proof of concepts. In return for that I will give you interesting film content and I PLEDGE that when I have made my first feature film I will return the kindness by sending the elevator back down again. I will be a part of a movement mentoring the next generation of women making genre films after me....all without me having to marry James Cameron.
Family Portrait (2016)

What have I made?
So far I have made some award winning short films that have played at BAFTA and OSCAR qualifying film festivals, and I have made two films in international co-productions that have been broadcast on the 2nd biggest television channel in France. I have a TV Drama in development with a British production company, and I have several feature films in development. My shorts include the WW1 supernatural drama ATTRITION, the Victorian period drama FAMILY PORTRAIT, and the weird fantasy film DOLLS. As well as lots of shorter, smaller projects. I also crew on films and teach when I can. 


How will I use the money? 
  • The first goal will be to give myself one day a month writing entirely funded by Patreon, and cover my digital costs such as my website and server costs.
  • The second goal will be to fund 1 day a week every week for writing funded by Patreon memberships.
  • The third goal would be to fund the writing of a feature film script and production budgets costs coming from Patreon for more film content.
  • The forth goal would be to make me a fully functioning filmmaker - this means being able to regularly make short films, write feature scripts, and make proof of concepts...and giving that content back to you. 

The long term plan is to be writing and making films FULL TIME, and that means making my FIRST FEATURE FILM. You can help me get there by becoming a member of my Patreon.

So if you like my showreel and/or you've seen my films and want to help, then please sign up!

 Attrition (2018)

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You've helped me be able to take one day a month FUNDED purely to write AND helped pay my digital online costs for my website and online servers every month. This is HUGE! Thank you so much.
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