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is creating Visual Art via paper, fabric, many mediums! Anything goes!
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About Kelly Cameron

Welcome! My name is Kelly Cameron, and I’m a self-taught artist. I’m passionate about making art and sharing it with others, be it by selling my creations, or teaching someone how to create their own artwork.

Since the summer of 2018 I've been doing online demos, most having to do with "How to create a watercolor greeting card". Having created somewhere between 1-3 demos per week since then (A crazy amount, but haven't done the math. I'm an artist and stink at math. But it's a LOT!)

I do believe we've made every single kind of greeting card one could ever need or imagine.  Every single video we did has been saved on my Facebook page.

NOTE* (Go to Facebook/Kelly Cameron/Photos/Albums/Videos).

People bought the supplies and tuned in with me regularly so that they could create with me. I have really LOVED this, it feels good to share and see people having fun!.

At this point I am ready to change my Patreon setup, and beginning Jan 1, 2020, I will do random, unscheduled demos on "how to" do something, purely observational, not step by step. I will let folks tune in as I create art, be it mono-printing with a gelli-plate, embroidering, painting with watercolors, acrylics, gouache, hand-carving stamps, creative collage cardmaking, fabric art, prayer flags, painting on glass, wood, fabric....well you get the idea. My content will be wide-ranging and will vary more than not, and I will be able to create and share when I have optimal time, lighting, and abilities. I will welcome visitors and comments/questions as I demo. That makes it fun, of course!

I really like the idea of teaching without charging a fee so that people who can’t afford classes might be able to find their joy in art without being discriminated against financially. We've all been there, when we couldn't rub two nickels together but still had the need to create! That's where Patreon (and you) come in. 

My Patrons will be invited to join my online private Facebook group entitled "Yes, We Can", where as artists at any level, one can share and ask for critique if needed, and/or see other members' creations. This is a safe space to share art!  Also, Patrons on the higher tier can request a demo on something in particular and if I am able to do a decent demo I will gladly consider it. 

Please read about benefits in the tier levels below. To past Patrons, thank you for being there and honestly making a difference. To my potential Patrons, thank you in advance for your consideration!

Art is a Verb!!!

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If I could reach $225 per month, it would compensate me for my time spent online doing demos.  I’m “teaching” more than “demo-ing” so it’s involving a lot of prep time and planning. This would help immensely.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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