Kelly Bull is creating Vainglorious and other comics!


$1 /mo
Venturing far beyond the horizon, you offer the strong foundation and peace of mind that your society needs to survive. Rewards include:

  • My undying gratitude (Thank you!!

Bean Farmer

$3 /mo
A strong society is only as strong as its food! Scale the canyons! Swing from the ropes!

Harvest your rewards as listed below!

  • Previous tier rewards

Bounty Hunter

$5 /mo
You are strong, fierce, unrelenting, yet you hunger for more! This is the tier for maximum Vainglorious content!

Collect your bounty as listed below!


Royal Guard

$10 /mo
You have sworn to protect the Royal Family, their secrets, and all they represent. Truly, no one is stronger or more battle-worn than you.

Receive your rewards as listed below:



$50 /mo
A sought-after position by many a small dragon. Sitting on your throne, you receive your offerings:

  • All previous tier rewards!
  • 1 x digital commission per month!