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Moss friend

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reward item
per month
◈ Thank you so much for support and inspiration! ♡
◈ In gratitude, you get early access to art with description and  to new commission slots.
  • Early access

Сones Сollector

reward item
reward item
per month
◈ step-by-step
◈ sketches & study
◈ archive of old and not shown works with analysis

+ early access to art with description and to new commission slots.
  • Early access

Сaretaker of the grove

reward item
reward item
per month
◈ high res works
◈ high res photography (mostly nature) 
◈ projects dev log
◈ access to some completed projects

+ step-by-step
+ sketches & study
+ archive of old and not shown works with analysis
+ early access to art with description and to new commission slots.

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About Kelshray

↟↟ Hello! I really l to draw nature and surrealism, creatures and people, make my own worlds and games. I am here to show and tell you more than usual.

Subscriptions will help me spend more time on art, implement my projects and start drawing the long-awaited comic. Your support is very important to me! Perhaps, in the future I will be able to leave my job and completely plunge into developing for you.

I take my business seriously and really want to show and tell you everything. Therefore, for those who are worried about whether the author will escape into depression and laziness for months - I will not escape) As in the case of commissions - in this I'm maximally responsible.

You can find my works on my website.

I'm taking commissions now only by slots and YCH, in order to be first in line, you can take 1 subscription level!

WIPs are open for everyone 

P.S. I'll set goals here after I see how it all goes at all)

❈ ◦ ◦ ◦ TIERS ◦ ◦ ◦ ❈
(- details -)
TIER 1 = Moss friend
Early access to art with description and to new commission slots.
With description: how I came up with the idea, the plot or details, difficulties.
+ some additional sketches / study (if I participate in the challenge, then there are much more of them).
+ you will be the first to be offered open commission slots.

TIER 2 = Cones collector
In addition to the previous reward:
♡ Step-by-step of new and some old works.
Quantity per month ≈ 4-10

♡ Sketches and study. I study in: landscapes, the human figure, dynamic movements of animals and much more. Sometimes I draw sketches just for fun or for new style details. I often take requests for these experiments (tier 4).
Quantity per month ≈ 8

♡ Archive of old and not shown works with analysis. I have quite a lot of works, some I didn't post at all, something was deleted, about something I didn't tell as I wanted. It is also interesting to analyze the mistakes of the past years. Works from 2007-2016.
Quantity per month = 8

TIER 3 = Сaretaker of the grove
In addition to the previous rewards:
♡ High-resolution art. Both new and previous years. Consider the details, see in full glory, set on wallpaper) You can print only my personal works for yourself, not сommissions, please.
Quantity per month ≈ 8-15

♡ High-resolution photos. I take photos of nature with a professional camera as a hobby, I really want to share my favorite pictures with you. You can use them for personal purposes, or for example print a calendar to your grandmother). You can use it on your art (including commissions) as backgrounds or something else. If the photo is not particularly changed, then please give a credit to me. I usually shoot: forest, fields, birds, mushrooms and plants, but there may be something unrelated to nature if I liked the frame.
+ web resolution (it's nicer to watch from the screen).
Quantity per month = 15

♡ Project development log. I can't draw just an art, I want to make this or that story bigger or put it in an interactive format. It can be a small project, a board game, an interactive or other book, a comic book (also in the long-term plans, a visual novel). My global plan is to have my own long comic for many years, but I hope that with the support of subscribers I will be able to devote time to small projects together with this.
The list of completed projects is on my website.
Next in line (not necessarily in that order):
◈ the main long comic))) (after the comic about whales)
◈ watership down (I don't know if I'll translate it on ENG, the are too much text)
◈ a comic about cities on flying whales (in the process, a side world from the main comic)
◈ board-game about frogs (test, make a design)
◈ book (search for objects)
◈ book-quest
◈ comics on beautiful dreams (should we consider a series of small comics as a project?)
◈ board-game about witches (started a bit, not 100% that the idea is good)
◈ "goose" board-game
◈ a card game about Stranger (a very big job, I work with a friend)
!!! while the goal (see goals) of starting the project has not been achieved, I will show the existing developments and do projects very little in my free time.

♡ Access to some completed projects. At the moment: pdf of the illustrated poem "The Wolfy has a stranger dream".

TIER 4 = Pine elemental
In addition to previous rewards:
♡ Gift. I will draw your character, pet or yourself. This is a speedpaint, sketch or just little art, I choose the style and idea.
Quantity per month ≈ 1-2 per subscriber

♡ Video of the drawing process. With music on background.
Quantity per month ≈ 4

♡ Bonuses. These are different stuff, sometimes spontaneous.
In the plans:
◈ bases of cat/dog poses from my photos, for your use in any art.
◈ my brushes (Photoshop, Clip Studio)
◈ tutorials
◈ 100500 ways to draw something, or to diversify nature in a drawing (I'm interested in it)
Quantity per month ≈ 6 (bases), the rest depends on the complexity

♡ Polls. Help to choose the idea of the next art or slots, polls on current projects.
The amount per month ≈ according to the situation, may not be!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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