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About Kemper Crabb


There are two fundamental questions that followers of Jesus ask today: How did we as the Church get into this mess? and How do we get out of it?

Kemper Crabb has been thinking about these questions his entire adult life.

The modern world is a confused and difficult place. It seems over the last century the Church’s influence as a moral anchor for society has waned and its leadership for the trajectory of civilization has lost its mark. Two questions the modern Christian might ponder is how did we as a Church find ourselves at this place and how might we, as a unified front, emerge from it.

Kemper has dedicated his adult life studying the causes and searching for solutions to both questions. He is a modern man, artist, and visionary steeped in historical Christianity. He preaches a Gospel of artistic truth and Biblical foundations that draws men and women into his music, writings, and teachings. His message is uniting the Church—the Colony of Heaven—into an eternal dialogue that leads to glorifying God through the Arts.

Many know Kemper as a recording artist and a pioneer in the Christian music industry through the music of ArkAngel: Warrior, his enduring and influential classic solo project The Vigil, and the PBS Christmas concert Downe in Yon Forrest. In 2017, he published his first book, Liberation Front, a timeless message that provides a framework for how we should live in community together and resurrect our Biblical Commission.

Kemper also is an exceptional teacher. He makes deep theological truths accessible to ordinary people and is driven to demonstrate how Scripture can be applied to every aspect of life. Through a unique combination of Biblical understanding, theological insight, and historical perspective, Kemper demonstrates how the present is rooted in the past. Questions the ancients asked and answered do more than explain how we got here; they can also help move us forward in a way that honors Jesus and advances the Kingdom of God.

For many people, Kemper’s teaching is a refreshing rain on a parched land. Their first question is always, how can I get more of this?

Your patronage makes these talks and studies available online. The first series of talks is The Revolution, a study about the Church as a way of being. This series includes the following podcasts:

What is the Church?
Four Marks of the Church
Gifts for the Body
How Big is the Gospel?
Where do we Worship?
The Anamnetic Nature of Worship
The Eucharist as World
What is Destiny?
The Church as Whore
How do we Fight?
The Path to Liberation

The second study is comprised of 6 talks on Worship which discusses where we worship, the visions of The Glory Cloud that are revealed in Scripture, the Liturgy that God calls us to include in our worship, and more.

The next series is called Windows to Glory, a study of the relationship of Scriptural teaching to the historical development of the Arts as a key to artistic definition, understanding, and creativity, aimed at both artists and those who do not consider themselves creative.  The following talks will be released once per week in podcast format:
The Purpose of the Arts
Loss of Vision  
The Opaqued World
The Gateway to God
From Altar Outward
Window Washings

There is a four part sermon series on the book of Jonah.

The current study is an exegesis of Genesis.
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