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About Kendo-Guide.Com Members - by Hiro Imafuji

Thank you for visiting this page. If you are reading this, you must love kendo just like me.

What's this?

This is like a membership area. With your financial support, I can create more useful and helpful contents with videos, podcast and articles. Different membership levels have different services. So, choose what fits you.

Kendo lovers deserve more contents with better quality. And share wonderful teachings from sensei like my teachers. I was so lucky to have great people as my teachers.
  • They showed me how kendo influence people’s lives.
  • They showed me kendo can be an art with the samurai spirit.
  • They showed me kendo can help us to overcome the problems we face in our life.
  • They showed me so many wonderful and beautiful things in kendo.
I want to share the wonderful and beautiful things with you.

How Do I Share Them with You?

I share them with the free videos, podcasts and articles. But the members here get more contents than others. For example, Kendo For Life Club members (Gold and Platinum members) can download 
There is more service for each membership level.  Click here to check them.

Contents: To tell you a few...

  • Milestones for Your Kendo Improvement (course): This is How to Improve Kendo to Pass 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan. 
  • Complete Beginners Course: This course is for those who just started kendo or want to start kendo. This is designed to guide you through the kendo basics.
  • Kendo Study: Introducing kendo techniques and training methods
  • Hiro's Pick: Introducing videos that I found on the Internet including Japanese videos too
  • Hiro's Review: Review on Hiro’s Pick. You will receive the review in audio and PDF files.
  • One on One Instruction on Kendo (Platinum members only): once per month (Skype [Max: 45 min] or I will review your training video if sent in)

* Different membership receives different service. Please read what you get under each membership level.
By improving your kendo, you will understand teachings from the samurai swordsmanship, from which kendo is derived.

Join now and let’s improve kendo together! 

The Exclusive Instruction Videos For Gold and Platinum Members

  • Preparation to Learn
    • Concept of Kendo
    • How to Find a Good Teacher
    • Shu Ha Ri
    • Samurai Five Virtues
    • Yagu Sanma no Kurai
  • Kendo Overview: To Reach 6-Dan Level 
    • Introduction
    • Phase 1
    • Phase 2
    • Phase 3
    • Phase 4
    • Looking at the Phases (Not 2 Dimensional)
    • Conclusion
  • Basic Video Download
    • Putting Keikogi and Hakama
    • Correction of Sitting Position
    • Basics I: Getting Ready for Training
    • Basics II: Solo Training I
    • Basics III: Solo Training II
    • How to Make Tenouchi
    • Kirikaeshi Theory
    • Kirikaeshi in Action (Old Video first followed by New Video) 
    • Uchikomi Kirikaeshi (PDF File) 
    • How to Learn Kendo More Easily and Quickly
    • Get the Hang of the Flipping Motion with Bokuto
  • Intermediate Video DownloadKendo Techniques in Theory
    • Kendo Techniques in Action
    • Nuki Hiza
    • Seme Concept
    • Interview with Alex Bennett (Video)
    • Interview with Alex Bennett (Audio)
    • Interview with Alex Bennett (PDF)
    • Tenouchi: Replication of Tenouchi by the Late Murayama sensei 
  • 6-Dan Exam
    • Why Didn’t I Pass 6-dan?
    • What I learned from 6-dan Exam (PDF File)
    • What I learned from Failing 6-dan Exam
  • Bokuto Training
    • Bokuto Kihon-ho
  • Kata
    • Checking Points
    • Ippon Me
    • Nihon Me
    • Sanbon Me
    • Yonhon Me
    • Gohon Me
    • Roppon Me
    • Nanahon Me
    • Kodachi Outline and No.1
    • Kodachi No.2
    • Kodachi No.3
    • Kata: Tachi Explanation by Miyazaki sensei translated by Alex Bennett sensei
    • Kata Demonstration by Miyazaki sensei and Alex sensei followed by Kodachi Explanation 

Preserve the Beauty of Kendo Together

Kendo is more than a competitive sport. It carries cultural and historical values from the ancient samurai warriors. It seems that people are attracted to the competitiveness of kendo more than those values. I am loving to see that kendo is becoming more popular around the world but at the same time, I am sad that those values are less emphasized by many people.

For the last 20 years, I saw a dramatic change in kendo. The current mainstream kendo style is not the style I was told to do. People start teaching kendo differently too. The way I learned the kendo basics are different from many other people. I've been feeling a  big gap between the recent kendo and kendo that many late 8-dan and 9-dan sensei taught in the past.

Something I cannot just leave as "Time Has Changed"...

I am so afraid that kendo as budo won't survive for the next generations IF we don't intend to preserve it. I don't disagree with kendo as a sport but I completely refuse to lose kendo as budo . Are You With Me on This?

If you are with me, please be a part of my ongoing project to preserve the values of kendo. Can you be a part of me making videos and writing books?

With your support, I can focus on creating videos, podcasts and articles. And you will receive more videos, podcasts and articles more often too.

It takes a tremendous amount of time to make videos and write books. I would like to devote my life to preserve the kendo I learned from the traditional kendo teachers for you and the next generations. You have rights to know these teachings. Creating videos and books needs a lot of researching, editing and technical skills too.

It is not easy It is rather difficult and challenging.
Iaido and Jodo
If you love kendo, you can benefit from iaido and jodo too. Even though I have studied Iaido and Jodo before, I'm not an expert. Since I live in a remote area, I most often have to fly out to study those martial arts. With your help, I can build up my skills and knowledge on these and share them with you.

If you can help me out with $1 per month, that can change everything. You giving me $1 tells me that you do like my contents and you are actually supporting me and what I do. That makes me happy. That gives me positive energy to keep going.

Most importantly you will be a part of this project to preserve kendo as budo.

Thank you again for coming here today.

Please do leave a message even if you didn’t become my patron this time. It is always great to know that you are there to support me.

Thank you!

$721.91 of $1,500 per month
This is a critical number. You will get more contents in videos and written forms. Writing and video editing are time-consuming. When you help me to achieve this goal, I will have more time to focus on creating kendo contents for you.
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