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WELCOME to my PATREON page, so glad you are here!! ;)

So you think you might like to support my music through Patreon, but you want to know a little more first? You've come to the right place!

My name is Kendra Dantes, I'm a 16 year old singer/songwriter. My mom noticed I had a love for music early on, so she introduced me to group music classes when I was only a year old. I was a very shy & anxious little kid, but when around music, I felt happy & calm. The only music offered at my elementary school was violin so I started that in 2nd grade all the way through 6th grade. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot!
I have always especially loved to sing and my Nonni used to teach me singing lessons. When I started piano lessons at age 9, a whole new world opened up to me. I could finally play an instrument and SING at the same time! I was hooked from the start!
I was inspired by AGT winner, Grace VanderWaal to start up on ukulele, just this past year or so. I love it! All that soon got me interested in writing my own songs. Thanks to my piano teacher's help, I now regularily can take all the song ideas in my head and create actual songs. I get inspired to write songs from lots of things in my life, including after reading a great book!  I am having such a blast developing & experimenting with my song writing skills. It is a wonderful way to express my joy, fears, sadness & excitement!

I love to perform my originals & covers just about local music venues, student concerts, recitals, farmer's markets & I even enjoy "busking" on the street in Old Town.

If you saw me performing my music on the street and you wanted to tip, you could put a dollar in my ukulele case. (THANKS by the way!) Well this Patreon thing is kind of like's tipping, except it's on-line. It's pretty cool. ;)

is a bonafide way of supporting the people & the content you enjoy!

Nearly 3 years ago, I got brave & started my own YouTube channel. My first cover on my channel of "Wiser" by Madilyn Bailey now has almost 10K views. I started writing songs about a year and a half ago and have enjoyed doing a few collabs as well. I love doing music & love being in the studio. I still get goosebumps over a beautiful piano & mic! So, that leads me to the point of the story...I know I still have LOTS to learn, but I have some big dreams: to be a recording artist & professional songwriter!

So, you may say that I am already DOING what I LOVE and while that is true, 
there is SO much MORE that I want to do!

So, I should explain my specific goals...
but first want to let you know what my wonderful Patreon Friends have
helped me accomplish already!
I have been able to record & release my very first EP! This has been
such a thrill for me. It was a big project, but I cannot begin to express
adequately how much this has meant to me. 
I have also been able to produce 2 songs (so far) for Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, etc.
This has been so much fun! The music industry is evolving with the needs of the Indie artists
and I'm grateful to get to be a part of all that.
I've been able to produce 3 official music videos for my original songs:
"Floating", "Erupt" and "Rattle the Stars". All 3 of these are on my EP entitled
"Floating". I'm very proud of these projects, each one a stepping stone to the next.
Can hardly wait to do another one! 
In addition, I was able to acquire a beautiful travel guitar. I cannot begin to describe
what a transforming experience this has been. (My 1st guitar is beautiful, I bought
it from my guitar teacher who had it 17 years. But I was needing something smaller
and more portable to take on trips and gigs.) My new travel guitar fits me so perfectly, it
has completely renewed my love for playing and writing songs on the guitar!

With your support I hope to accomplish the following:
Produce original songs for an audition on "Songland"
Create my 2nd EP
Share more of my original songs on iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon, etc
Create additional on-location official music videos of original songs
Improve my musicianship skills on piano, ukulele and voice via lessons & workshops
Take more in-depth song writing classes & workshops
Improve my music & recording equipment, especially for at home, travel & live performances 
Collaborate more with other artists 
Create more kinds of videos to share with all of you
Do more Live-stream performances 

For supporting my music journey, I will offer you special REWARDS to say THANK YOU! 

My PATREON will be set up as a monthly contribution & for as little as $2/month you will get on the Kendrizzle SQUAD!

Whatever you can give is ENORMOUSLY appreciated! Thank you for reading my long-winded introduction. (Not that you haven't done enough already, but feel free to watch the intro video as well for even more details!) If you know someone you think might enjoy my music, please help me to get the word out and SHARE. It is much appreciated! <3

May you have a HAPPY DAY & HAPPY LIFE filled with the people and music you love!

$160 of $250 per month
I would so love to start taking guitar lessons and I have my eye on a beautiful blue guitar! I want to get good enough to produce some favorite covers and new original songs for you on the guitar! (Thankfully I have been taking ukulele lessons for a few months, so that will hopefully make guitar a little easier.)
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