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$33 per Song or Video

I will buy - and read - the latest Amanda Palmer book and hopefully get something out of it.
$79 per Song or Video
Thank YOU!  Heading over to Ableton Live's website to download some new drum packs for the studio!
$135 per Song or Video

Reaching this goal allows us to go full PRO at Soundcloud!
$222 per Song or Video

Using ONLY the JamStik I will compose a Patreon EXCLUSIVE song just for you in Ableton Live!
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I record another EXCLUSIVE Patreon-only track
$777 per Song or Video
If you didn't know it before, I'm also an oil painter.  I am going to pick one patron at random and work with them to create a large oil painting, which I will then have professionally framed and sent to them along with "providence" in the form of video to the patron.
$1,000 per Song or Video

I'm going to pick a patron at random from a pool of people who would like a custom guitar and mail them my own custom ASG Guitar.
$2,222 per Song or Video

I am going to create a 27" X 40" large signed movie poster plastered with the faces of our patrons on it!
$3,333 per Song or Video

Going somewhere with the GoPro, maybe somewhere... haunted?
$5,000 per Song or Video

We pull video and photography professionals into Plague, EMPLOY and pay them, and up our game.
We make the BLIND see...the fnords. Heavens NO!
$33,333,333 per Song or Video
"Do not SEE the FNORDS!  If you do not see the FNORDS then they cannot eat you!"


Artist, Graphic Designer, Musician (Ableton Live), 3D Modeling and Animation (Carrara 7.0) Marine (Honorably Discharged), Acromegaly Survivor, the Geek in Plague of Smiles.


Marlin, TX 76661, USA

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Why Ken?  Why do you create your art and music?

I was enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design when I picked up a belief I still have to this day. The college logo is an eye, drawn within a heart symbol, within a hand. What that means for me is that every piece of art or music I create with my hand or eye has to also include the human heart and soul. When you share a song or a video you’ve found on the internet with someone else, that’s what you’re sharing. You are saying to the other person that you’ve found something in this particular piece of art, music, or video that resonates within you and you want them to feel that same rush. As an artist and a musician, that’s the only art I’m interested in creating.

Jack Conte, the founder of Patreon, has been quoted as saying, “Patreon is a place to support the creators you love. At Patreon you are empowering a new generation of creators to make a living from their passion and hard work."

As a patron of the arts you’ll be right here, behind-the-scenes, for every step of our growth. Look through our reward tiers below. Your generous support will allow us to do great things and bring our message to the top. Patreon allows you to set a monthly cap, so you never go over budget, and you can cancel at any time. Thank you very much for your contributions and help in spreading Plague of Smiles. Enjoy the video above if you haven’t seen it already. I’m Ken D. Webber from Plague of Smiles.

Much love and beauty!

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Final word here, because we’re VERY new to Youtube and Patreon we’re kicking things off with a FNORD Business Card Contest to attract patrons. Look over the rules then look through the reward tiers and choose a level that fits you.  The main prize we're giving away to one lucky winner is the purple guitar seen in the above video and a Marshall practice amp. It’s simple, it’s fun, and someone has to win so it may as well be you right!?

"If you do not see the FNORDS, then they cannot eat you!" --- Quote from The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

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How often do I post new things?

My goal is one new song a month. Videos, a few times a year. It is my promise to you that I won't abuse your patronage by rushing out cheap songs. I prefer quality over quantity.

Some Patreon history for you:

Jack Conte, 1/2 of the musical group Pomplamoose, is also the founder of Patreon.  On May 7, 2013 he simultaneously released his new music video "Pedals" (which featured Matt Bunting's Hexapod and cost oodles and oodles of $$$) and announced the creation of Patreon.  Since I love modeling cool things and saw this as a challenge, I emailed Matt and he was kind enough to allow me to 3D model and animate his Hexapod for my video above (only costing me a few days time).  And the lesson in all of this is... real or computer generated, Hexapods - especially those that GLOW IN THE DARK - are truly awesome!

What about Audio and Video Publishing Rights and Licensing fees?

Yes, we have them available and at better rates than Harry Fox. This is for "Youtubers" as well as Professionals. Read HERE.
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