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REMEMBER TO SET UP YOUR MONTHLY MAX! You still get all the rewards, regardless of your specific monthly max. 
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You still get all the rewards, regardless of your specific monthly max.

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This is My Life with Fel's patreon campaign! The video above explains very quickly what patreon is about. Pardon my awful english, i'm not a native speaker.
Now buckle up, because there's some ground to cover first:

Frequently asked questions (Pls pls pls read before pledging)

#1 most asked question:
How exactly will I get my rewards?

Here's a quick-guide I made. It's important to read it, because you WILL NOT recieve updates as soon as you pledge! 

Keep in mind, you will only get access to the current story arc,
and whatever art and sketches posted the month you joined, and anything going forward. Want to see the previous comics? refer to the bottom part of the quickguide!

What does this patreon page support exactly?
This page funds My life with Fel, the webcomic! New updates every monday.

This patreon page is per-update, not monthly like most other patreon campaigns. How often do you update then?
My life with Fel is a weekly webcomic. It updates every Monday. Months usually have 4 weeks (or 4 mondays!) but sometimes they don't. Keep this in mind when pledging, and setting up your monthly max.

OK, you update weekly. Does this mean you'll charge me weekly?
No, patreon doesn't work that way. Patreon will simply collect all the pages you "supported" throughout the month, and by the start of next month it will charge you for the total amount of all of them in one single charge (up to whatever monthly max you set beforehand).

So, what do I get for donating then?
Aside from my eternal gratitude, rewards! Check them out at the sidebar. Read them very, very carefully.

Your ads say I can get after-hours comics for as little as $5 a month, but your page isn't monthly, whats up with that?
You can pay -only $5 a month- by setting up a monthly max, read the next question:

I can select a monthly max for my contribution. What does this mean? 
It means you can limit the amount of times per month you wish to support the campaign. You can select to support just one update, or two, or all of them, depending on your budget, by modifying that monthly max. This does not limit or affect the amount of rewards you receive. This means you can get all the rewards from X tier, even if you don't have enough for all potential 4 updates in a month (well, except for the $20/week tier). This is fine by me (so don't feel bad!!) And the system encourages it, so why not. If you already went out of your way to support my work, I can't ask for anything else.

Wait, what is this "After-hours" comic thing on the rewards?

It's a NSFW side comic i do as a REWARD for those who support My life with Fel: the webcomic. It's updated ONCE a week, every friday. After-hours comics are non-canonical, laid-back NSFW stories that usually span 10-15 pages each. The twist is that it is the patrons ($10-tier and above) in conjuction with me that write the stories. You get to suggest ideas, or vote the ones you like. That way, you get a comic about stuff you genuinely like!

Okay, I understand the rewards, and how to get them. 
But I want to see ALL your previous comics!
Is there a way a to do that?

Yes there is! Stick around. If you reach $100 of given support throughout your lifetime, you will recieve access to a separate dropbox folder, the "Archive", with every comic and art ever posted on this patreon. If a subscription platform like patreon isn't your jam, you can also buy the comics in pdf format at my store here. 

Cool trivia: as of May of 2019, buying after-hours 1 to 26 is more expensive than just sticking around on patreon 🙉

Join the MLWF community today!

*Note: Pledging more money than the tier you selected will not grant you rewards from upper tiers. You only get the rewards of the reward tier you picked/were able to pick
$1,406.83 of $1,500 per weekly update
It's a distant future. My Life with Fel is a thriving source of comics and content for everyone to enjoy. Kenno's little side-project has grown into something greater. But he's only one man with so many days on the week. There's only one way forward: Expansion. If we get to this goal, I'll begin hiring other artists to do their own after-hours comics. Still written by the patrons and me. More artists, more pages, more comics! Frequency is still to be seen. I'll need to see what budget I can set apart for this when we get here.
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