is creating a World Wide Homebrew and Live Stream

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Level 1: Cartography Guild Applicant

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"You hop on a caravan headed to the capital city, with your dream of joining the cartographers guild!"

This is really all you need, your support directly goes to the stream ensuring that it is the best it could be! 

level 5: Cartography Student

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"You stand in front of the enormous tower of the Cartographers guild, you've been accepted and now its time to start your adventure." 

Level 10: Guild member

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"Your studies are done, you are now ready to make it on your own! Go out and make the Guild proud!"




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About Kennstan

So what is a World Wide Hombrew and LiveStream? One day I began an Facebook Live Stream of an idea I had for a very long time. Creating a Fantasy map over a live stream while  you and the awesome D&D comunity hangout and suggest features, themes and elements in real time creating an enourmous Homebrewed setting! 

Thank you so much! 


$7.10 of $50 per month
I love making maps for D&D, its been my obsession for over 10 years now and ill probably continue to make maps for The rest of my life. however i do not regularly have time to dedicate creating a map every week, with your generous support i can guarantee to conceptualize, draft and publish a high resolution map that will get sent straight to your inbox as well as well as added to the map compendium where all the maps i have ever made will appear for you to use!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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