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(Disclaimer before reading the ABOUT section!! Yes, I find it very amusing to use the letter "K" in replacement of the letter "C' whenever applicable. As you read the ABOUT you may sense the sarcastic tone as I try to put a smile on your face as I poke fun at myself. If this annoys you, you might not want to read the rest of the ABOUT section. Instead, think of your favorite online content creator and the qualities you love about they/them, she/her, he/him, and replace this ABOUT section with those qualities. This way it is a win/win situation! You become a "Krew Member" and I fulfill all of the qualities you are looking for in an online content creator.) 😅

Welcome to Ken's Kreations (not misspelled - see disclaimer above 👆). We are so happy that this thing called the internet sent you our way! You have found the home for our "Krew Members" and hopefully your NEW destination for humor and random facts. Speaking of random facts, Random Fun Fact #1: as much as I like the "Kreative" ways I use the letter "K", the name "Krew Members" was "Kreated" by our amazing supporters about two years ago! And to answer your questions, yes I have ADHD. Hmm, 🧐 maybe that should have been part of the disclaimer section as well...Okay, seriously though, who is Ken's Kreations? Who are the two men behind the laughs? What do KFTC and KASS stand for? (Please DO NOT look up those acronyms on the Urban Dictionary, as no good will come of that) And of course, most importantly how do you become an "Official Krew Member" to fulfill your life's journey for exclusive, funny, energetic, and sometimes adult humor content delivered by a guy with ADHD? Well, we finally made it to the ABOUT part of the ABOUT section...


My name is Ken Hess, however, my friends, family, and current Patreons call me Kenny. I was born, raised, and lived my 40 years of life on the east side of Washington State.....specifically Spokane, WA. Random Fact #2: Spokane is 4 hours away from Seattle, but most people assume all any cities in Washington are a suburb of Seattle.😅 For the past 22 years, I have had the amazing privilege to wake up alongside my "Soon-To-Be-Husband" Sean. Together we have raised 8 golden retriever fur babies (aka: baby dogs). Together we have shared our home with over 50 kiddos in the Washington State foster care program with the goal of reunification with their birth parents. However, our blissful calm life would all change in 2012.
From 2008 to 2017, most of my days were spent navigating happy, blissful, and wonderful customers through the world of banking (sarcastic tone - see disclaimer above 👆) As the banking center manager, most customers blamed me for the financial crisis that starting occurring in 2008 in America. Along with my fellow Americans, I felt my HAPPY PLACE getting further and further away. However, all of this would change in 2012.



To help me locate my HAPPY PLACE, my  "Soon-To-Be-Husband" Sean bought me a little craft machine called the Cricut Expression. What started off as a simple craft blog to showcase my projects, turned into a love affair of making videos and reviewing products to help you with your buying decisions! With so many crafting tools on the market it is hard to know what tools you need and what sources are giving you the best information. We all know the drill! All we do is quickly check our email, and the next thing we know we are being "enabled" to purchase the newest craft tool on the market! Well, my day came soon enough when I saw the Silhouette Cameo, and I just knew I had to have it! But wait! What is this a NEW Cricut Explore! Well, now what? What machine should I buy? Which one is better?  I know, I will head to YouTube to fine my answer. NOPE, nothing there. At that exact moment, I knew that this was a real struggle for many crafters. The ability to see non-biased reviews of your favorite craft tools! This was the start of Ken's Kreations video reviews. My videos are of high quality production and reviews that focus on the product, features, benefits and of course the bottom line. Do you really need it? 

Since 2012, I have had the amazing privilege of meeting and growing a family of crafters from my YouTube channel and social media outlets. Many of you have asked how you could support me and up to this point, I have not had an official way, besides affiliate links. Now, with patreon, I have the ability to give the option to people who want to donate and support Ken's Kreations, with a safe and secure way of doing this. If you enjoy Ken's Kreations, my video reviews, and my blog. I would welcome any support through patreon.  I also recently left my full time job in the banking industry to focus 100% on Ken's Kreations. Patreons are one of the biggest reason I was able to do this, so I thank you for this!

Plus with the support of all of you I will be able to bring you:
 MORE video reviews (2-3 Per Week)
GIVEAWAYS of the items I am reviewing and HUGE shopping hauls.
DEDICATED time spent helping and supporting all of you.
FILES (SVG images, Design Space or Cricut Craft Room files)to use with your cutting machines

Donations are always welcomed at any level. To the right, you will see a list of rewards and pledge amounts. Based on the pledge amount, I will give you access to that reward

All of my videos and post will still be 100% free on YouTube and on my Blog. This is just an option for people to earn rewards while supporting Ken's Kreations. 

I know many of you might be asking yourself, WHY NOW? And you have a very valid question. Patreon has been around for a couple of years and I have many friends who use this amazing service. Well, to be honest, I actually need the support to continue Ken's Kreations. You see, for the most part, I buy all of the items I review to give you an unbiased review. These costs include supplies, video equipment, audio equipment, editing software, computer programs and the actual product I am reviewing. As you can imagine these can add up very quickly for each video and I usually do about 2 videos a month.Now that I am focusing on Ken's Kreations 100% of my time, I rely souley on income from my followers supporting me. I love making video reviews and tutorials that help everyone in our crafting community! With your Patreon support, I will be able to do even more for you!
31% complete
This goal level would give me the ability to hire a professional illustrator to create one of a kind SVG, PNG and Digital Paper files. This would double the amount of files I would release giving all Patreon's more rewards and files to use on a daily basis. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts

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