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About Kent Heckel

Hey. This is the Kentresting2 Patreon community. I am here because on one dark stormy December night I was hacked and lost everything, so this is me rebuilding.  By contributing, you get access to  all my videos AND podcasts as soon as they are hot out of the oven. You will also get to be a part of all my test content and be able to give feedback as we go. The higher the tier the more you unlock and I will begin giving my time back to you to help you with projects, social media or anything you need. I legit listed my phone number as a tier so that's a thing. I am doing this to build a closer and more tight knit audience who wants to help me grow and rebuild. So buckle up for some memes, dreams and in betweens. <3 Kent

*All tiers are inclusive of previous tiers*

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Im going to upload a video of me drinking a cup of coffee on loop for 10 hours set to lowfi chill beatsssssss. + I will tell you where the easer eggs are.

It will be a big mood
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