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About Ken Smith

My name is Kendall Smith, but you can call me Ken. Or Kendall. Or Ken the Andal. Whichever you prefer. I'm a 28 year old aspiring writer. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2012 with a degree in journalism before returning to my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to attend law school. I graduated from law school in 2015 and have been working in the legal field ever since.

I do enjoy my job very much, which I think is enough to consider myself lucky. Many people only "tolerate" their jobs, in my experience. However, my passion throughout my life has always been writing. One of my earliest memories harkens all the way back to second grade when my class had to write a paper on George Washington. Once we were finished, we had to submit it to our teacher who would review, critique and grade it. I was one of the last students to finish the paper and when she finished reviewing it, she shocked second-grade-me by presenting it to the entire class as the example to follow for writing papers and essays. Afterwards, she took me aside and insisted I had a natural talent for writing and that I should really explore it. It was the first time in my very young life that I felt as though I stood out and excelled at something in school and ever since then, I've tried to capitalize on and better myself in that regard.

Once I began my college career, I immediately signed up for as many English and creative writing classes as I could. I won an honorable mention award at the University of Kentucky for "Best First Year Essay." My paper was a rumination on religion, mythology, morality and superhero stories as "modern mythology," in today's society (it was a very interesting class, to say the least). From there, I enrolled in at least one writing class a semester and received some very insistent feedback from my professors.

Unfortunately, one of my biggest regrets today is not pursuing the advice of my professors as much as I should have. Despite their feedback and compliments and advice, for whatever reason I never considered writing to be a viable future for me. That's not to say I stopped writing -- quite the opposite. However, the prospect of writing for a career seemed like a pipe dream.

Then one fateful day, I submitted a story to the Writing Prompts subreddit. I had only submitted a handful before, most of which got some good attention and great feedback, but nothing noteworthy. Similarly, I often look at the various writing prompts and then write a story for my own personal pleasure, so to speak, rather than share it with the Internet. This day, however, marked what could potentially be a drastic turning point in my life. My short story blew up. At least, it blew up relative to anything else I had written. Thousands of upvotes and a few off-the-cuff chapters later, I had my own subreddit to continue my work. A few weeks later and I had reached over 1,000 subscribers.

It was truly an amazing and absolutely mind-blowing experience, and it still is! The most I had ever shared my writing was with my fellow classmates throughout my educational career. Suddenly, I was sharing it with hundreds and even thousands of people all over the world! When I started receiving feedback from people in non-English speaking countries, well... I could've cried with joy. Never in my life did I ever expect my passion to receive so much positive attention. For the first time, I was sharing my work with a global audience rather than one restricted to a small classroom. The Internet is truly an amazing, incredible thing.

So, here I am. I'm starting this Patreon to further explore this as a possible, actual career; something I no doubt should've tried a long time ago. I want to see if I can possibly achieve a dream of mine, and I'm asking for your support to help me realize that dream. Currently, I am focusing on my science fiction epic "Manifest Humanity," which is what landed me in this position in the first place. However, I will be writing other stories; short stories and other works larger in scope as well, especially if this whole endeavor really starts to take off. Recently, I've begun a (very, very) rough outline for a story that I can only describe as "Lovecraftian-horror-science-fantasy."

If you are reading this, I want to go ahead and thank you right now for supporting me in any regard. Even if you haven't and do not decide to donate any money at all, it is your feedback and attention as a reader that I value and appreciate most of all, so thank you so much. :)
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When I reach $200/month, I'll churn out at least one chapter and one additional short story a week. The short story might be a self-contained "Lore Story" set in the Manifest Humanity universe or a completely unrelated short story.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 360 exclusive posts

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