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Wicked. This will give you access to the Patrons only stream - creations not available to the general public. Thank you for keeping the workshop humming!
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You are amazing. Thank you. Remember this is not the minimum! You can pledge just a PENNY per month if you want. BUT, if you can pledge $5 a month, in addition to supporting the creation of my creative work, you will also have access to my $5 Patreon-only stream where I will post behind the scenes pics and how-tos and more.

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In addition to my Patreon only stream - I will send you unique download codes or direct emails for new music, including demos, alternate mixes etc. and videos you can download. Lots of exclusive goodies to keep forever. Get a first look at my novel manuscript, chapter by chapter.




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Welcome to my Magic Dream-Manifesting Workshop! 
Hi, my name is Keram (pronounce CARE-uhm).

For 30+ years I have been making music, films, building virtual worlds and real communities. I have always been independent, and I have always maintained close contact with my supporters - whether it was the Sky Pirates, or the Freedom boards (long before Facebook), or my current friends on social media.

I have released over half a dozen commercial records, various short films, and over 2 dozen blogs, a podcast, am currently completing a documentary about the surrealist pop art movement and therapeutic Virtual Reality and Immersive 360 videos to help people with anxiety, depression and insomnia.

There is so much more to do!

Patrons of the arts are often the only way for innately risk-taking creative types to have a platform to stand on. Risk-taking in a creative spectrum can lead to truly magical experiences, but the world is often reticent, interested in only what it already knows.  So it requires courageous types - like you - to foster trailblazing initiatives that push the boundaries and unleash new creations and experiences.

If we could spend 1/10th less time every month worrying about funding, our creative output would increase substantially. Moreover, if we could spend less time creating methods to monetize the content, then we could take greater risks with it, and send it to you in a more pure fashion, without requiring marketing tactics and so on.

Me and my collaborators never stop making things; the sole focus of my life is to make those projects come to life. 12 hours a day, every day is spent producing music, narrative and non-fiction films and videos, games and interactive experiences, literature, think tanks and communities that challenge me and my colleagues and supporters, and are inspired by them in kind.

The overall body of work all connects in many secret and sometimes overt ways too. So rather than a discombobulated output, you get a constantly emerging holographic narrative.

I have been slow to take on Patreon because I am such a DIYer, but I realize now, that this, in fact, is exactly what people like me require and that I am exactly in the right place for something like Patreon, our digital Medici - comprised of forward thinking dreamers like you.

Simple! I have set it to a monthly campaign with special rewards at $5, $10, $25 and $100. BUT that doesn't mean you have to pay those amounts. If you want, you can contribute only 10 cents a month. Or you can put $150 a month into the production pool. It's up to you, and you can cancel at any time. You are essentially helping me to create more incredible content for you.

I will take your contributions and, like an experienced farmer, sow seeds that will produce extraordinary bounty - not just from me, but from all those whose talents I draw into the process, and keep it honest.

In addition to improving the platform for me to create more and stronger content, at $5 and above, you will get access to my exclusive "Patrons Only" stream where I post free music downloads, rare demos no one's ever heard, behind the scenes pics & info, music tutorials from me & lots more stuff you won't find anywhere else but here!

Also, you will get updates and be a part of my community where you can share your ideas, feedback and discuss my projects with me. You will be the first with whom I share my thoughts, special projects and ideas.

Thank you, always

k (and team)

ps I reserve the right to curate access to this community.
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